Adidas Backpack Reviews: Picking the Top Adidas Pack for Your Needs

Getting a good Adidas backpack means you’d have a highly dependable companion for your next trip. It will be easy to carry around your personal accessories and also to keep them safe from prying eyes.

But how can you get such a great branded backpack? Reading through the most comprehensive Adidas backpack reviews will really help.

In this post, we have chosen to round up some of the top backpack designs from Adidas in order to help you with making an informed choice. Take a look at our Adidas bags reviews and choose a great Adidas backpack with a women’s design.

Our Top Rated Adidas backpack Review


Product Details


Adidas Lightweight Rucksack

  • Capacity 22 Litre
  • Dual zippered pockets
  • Dimensions 46 x 14 x 29 cm
  • Maximum carrying weight 6kgs
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    Adidas Mission Backpack

  • 100% polyester
  • Water-resistant material
  • 4 outside zippered pockets
  • Front zippered cooler pocket
  • Pockets 1 slip, 1 zip, 5 exterior
  • Dimensions 13 x 20 x 13 inches
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    Adidas OPS Backpack 30 MKS60

  • Capacity 30 Litre
  • Surface Polyester
  • 58 centimeters high
  • 30 centimeters wide
  • Fastener Type Fasteners
  • Polyester 1680D / 600D PU Coating
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    Osprey Escapist 25 Daypack

  • Blinker light attachment
  • Torso adjustable harness
  • External hydration sleeve
  • Integrated rain cover protects
  • Lidlock helmet attachment
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    Adidas Rucksack Backpack

  • Trekking pole attachment
  • Dual-zippered panel access
  • Removable sleeping pad
  • Top panel zippered slash pocket
  • Hydration reservoir sleeve
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    Adidas Backpack Reviews

    Designed with one of the best quality high end materials, the Adidas Rucksack Backpack Dark Grey/Scarlet is a great backpack to have.

    It one of the fewest new arrivals to take the market by storm and has received praise across many users for its super cool rugged backpack design.

    For starters the backpack comes in a “rectangle” type of shape that gives it more volume for storage.

    Thanks to its easy to access top loading design with a zippered cinch at the very top of it all. The bag also has three compression straps on either side of the backpack which gives it a compact design irrespective of the amount of weight carried.

    More importantly, the backpack’s cool padded shoulder straps also come with super small pockets on the front that allows for simple and convenient carriage on small devices including car keys, keys, phones, and possibly sunglasses too.

    The backpack has numerous zippered compartments on the front part that adds storage space and also gives it a unique touch of style.

    The compartments are easy to access and come with safe zipping options that will allow you to lock them when under use.

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    As light as they come, the Adidas 2018 Lightweight Rucksack 3-Stripes Small Travel Backpack Mens Gym Bag would be an awesome addition to your latest collection of backpacks.

    It has a 22-liter capacity and will weigh up to 6 Kgs when under full capacity. This makes the backpack super ideal to use for long trips and more importantly for simple errands around the gym, school when biking, and if you want a picnic.

    What many people love about the backpack is the unique design. With three re strips on the right side of the backpack, this pack is unlike any other Adidas design that you may have ever laid eyes on.

    It also comes with an additional small zippered pocket on the front that will be super ideal for small items including phones, chargers, pens, gloves, bandages, and caps among many other things.

    The larger compartment will easily hold your main stuff including books, clothes, and a laptop if you chose to carry one around for your next class project.

    The backpack comes with a super cool nylon and polyester material which is extra durable and highly water resistant too.

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    For all the on-the-go backpack lovers, the Adidas Mission Backpack would be your perfect choice of a daypack, travel backpack, schooling backpack, or biking backpack.

    Made of 1000% polyester, this backpack is safe for use under any type of weather. It will keep your possession safe from dust, rain, water, and dirt at any given time of day.

    The backpack is highly spacious and comes with two front pockets that allows you to store small but vital things that you may need to use from time to time along your trip too.

    Nonetheless, it is the main compartment that will sweep you away with its double abrasion free zippers that are highly lockable and very easy to also adjust depending on what you want to pack or get out of your backpack.

    At the side of the backpack are two adjustable side pockets that will allow you to easily store or carry up to two hydration bottles of your own. They are also easy to access and you can use them pretty faster.

    And you don’t have to worry about how comfortable the backpack feels as you’ve got two padded shoulder straps that are very comfortable to use when carrying the backpack.

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    Of the best women backpacks from Adidas, the stripped pink Adidas Women’s Stripe Power Backpack takes the trophy home.

    And that’s not only because of its unique design but also because of its awesome choice in color, maximum volume capacity, and super lightweight design.

    The backpack has a front and main zippered compartment that are very much lockable and pretty safe for an outstanding design.

    The main compartment is easily accessible and work well with books, laptop, or even cameras. It also comes with main separators that you can easily use to keep the contents of your backpack safe from each other.

    Apart from the padded laptop compartment, the backpack also comes with an easy to reach front compartment for simpler things such as phone accessories and personal accessories too.

    It has sided mesh pockets that are super ideal for anyone who wants to hold a hydration bottle and keep a balance in their fluid levels all through the day.

    On the sides are compression handles too that makes the backpack an easy fit to work with as it compresses the backpack with an awesome set to make it a compact luggage.

    In case you are tired of keeping your backpack on your back with its super cool padded shoulder straps, you can also tag it along with the top loop handle that’s often easy to access. However, the loop is not as adjustable as the padded straps.

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    How to Find the Top Adidas Backpack for Your Loved Ones

    Choosing among hundreds of the best backpack brands is as tough as it is to choose among ten more from the same brand. But not to worry, there are simpler tips that can make your work easy and faster when trying to find an Adidas backpack for your personal use. They include the following:

    Browsing the Internet

    With internet marketing on the rise and smartphones an everyday accessory, browsing the internet is no big deal. When you do, you’ll find that there quite a number of top-notch Adidas backpacks that you can go with any day. Just remember to get the right price before you choose to buy.

    Ask Your Loved Ones

    Another great way to find Adidas backpack for women’s use is by asking loved ones for recommendations. This works almost every time we try. The reason is simple, around us we have family members and pals who own some of the best backpacks from Adidas, and asking them is a great way to get started on your own.

    Look for Buyers Reviews

    Online buyer’s reviews, reviews on magazines, and expert Adidas backpack reviews such as the ones that we have laid down here will also give you some of the best pointers to follow. More often than not, expert reviews tend to cover the most ideal choices depending on style, use, design, and much other functionality.

    Go Through Magazines

    Without having to look through magazines for reviews you can always find adverts that you can for. Electronic magazines, social media, and website adverts are some of the best options to go with if you need an Adidas backpack of your own.

    Find Exhibitions/ Trade Fairs

    Even better than looking at Adidas bags reviews sometimes is stepping into a real trade fair for a change. Most of these trade fairs come with branded stands where you can get all your favorite Adidas accessories apart from your favorite Adidas backpack. They are also super cool and will set you in motion pretty fast.

    Check Out Through Malls

    Malls are not the best options especially when you have to walk so much, rush through traffic, and get around many malls that could be far from each other. Nonetheless, some people still use them to look for their backpacks – but I wouldn’t quite say the best backpacks as the stock is usually limited (unless you are lucky).


    Why Should I Buy an Adidas Backpack?

    There are many reasons for this. More importantly, you will use it to carry your accessories when moving around. In turn, it will keep your stuff super safe and well organized too.

    Can I get an Adidas Backpack for Hiking?

    Of course! When you look at our Adidas bags reviews you will find that some of these backpacks are not tied to a single-use. You can spread them out as daypacks, schooling packs, picnics, laptops, and for other outdoor needs.

    What Prices are Best to Buy an Adidas Backpack for?

    There isn’t any specific pricing for the top backpacks from Adidas. Typically what is affordable for you may not be so much affordable for the next person; that’s why pricing is an important consideration before you buy.

    Buying a great backpack from Adidas is a no-brainer. All you need to have is the best Adidas bags reviews and choose a top-rated design that fits your needs. You can always start with these top choices that we have given you here. It is easy, fast, and super cool for even the new guys who want a backpack from Adidas.

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