Backpack Rain Cover Reviews: A Hassle Free Outdoor Experience

Are you the outdoor guy? If you love outdoor adventure you must own a backpack for the same. In this post, we give you the top rated waterproof backpack rain covers that will keep stress and worries at bay.

Check our backpack rain cover reviews and choose a design that will work for you. We have included simple but efficient designs.

 Rain Cover Backpack Reviews

To keep your backpack’s contents safe from rain damage, the Joy Walker Waterproof Rain Cover for Backpacks will serve you well.

However, it is important to understand that this waterproof backpack rain cover is tailor made for the 15 L – 90 L capacity backpacks.

It has an upgraded buckle strap that will help you to keep the cover in position at all times without having to worry about it sliding off.

This rain cover is also durable. Thanks to the 300D nylon material from which it has been forged from.

Personally, I loved it for its rip-resistant external fabric that is good at protecting this backpack from scratch, sand, dirt, and pebbles.

It also has an internal waterproof coating which will easily keep it safe from the effects of water, rain, and snow.

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Just like the previous best backpack rain cover that we just saw, the Frelaxy Waterproof Rain Cover for Backpacks is also super designed with the highly durable 190T Nylon fabric.

This fabric features one of the best wear resistant and a highly durable touch that’s good for protecting your backpack from pebbles, scratch, dirt, and sand.

The rain covers, unlike other designs, comes with vertical and highly adjustable straps that can be used to provide an extra stability and to make sure that your backpack is fully covered.

The vertical straps will also prevent your rain cover from slipping off. And to make sure that you get only the best results, this rain cover has an inner layer cover that comes with Silver PU coating and offers the best protection of up to 5000 mm for rain resistance.

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Apart from being highly compact and ultra-light in weight like any other backpack rain cover that we have seen, the AGPTEK 2-Pack Nylon Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover also have many other cool features.

It is super waterproof and highly wear-resisting.  Thanks to the nylon material that this rain-cover has been forged from.

No wonder the top backpack rain cover reviews acknowledge its ability to resist water of up to 2000mpa hydraulic pressure rate.

Even better, it has a dual-layer design technology that gives the exterior layer a wear-resistant against scratches and dirt.

The inner layer has also adopted a high style waterproof coating that will help it to avoid rain and snow.

And because of its adjustable buckle system, you can easily customize this cover for the perfect fit.

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Joy Walker Waterproof Rain Cover for Backpacks is perfect for many outdoor activities including traveling, riding, climbing, and hiking.

But unlike its sister above, this one has a customized capacity for backpacks that range between 55-70L and 70-90L.

It is made out of the 300D Nylon and thus is far much durable with top features which give it a wear-resisting and durable design.

Nonetheless, many users love it because of is double design which gives it a top rated rip-resistant nylon coating and maximum protection from scratch, dirt, and sand.

The internal fabric on the other hand has a high waterproof coating which ensures that water, fog, rain, and snow are kept away.

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Finally, to prepare you for the next year in style, we have chosen to add one of the best backpack rain cover review 2019 – the MECOC UltraLight Backpack Rain Cover.

This waterproof rain cover is not only ideal for your backpack it is also super cool for keeping your cell phones safe from water and rain.

Made of the 210T nylon, the rain cover is indeed extra very durable and comes with a 3000mm water proof coating.

Even better, it is the only waterproof backpack rain cover with a super easy to adjust all-size fit design for various sizes of backpacks.

You don’t have to worry about carrying it with you as it is very compact, portable, and comes with a draw string bag that you can use to carry it in.

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Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover Buying Guide

Here is what to look for when buying:-


Compact and ultra-light in weight is what these rain covers should be like. You don’t actually need to add more weight when the backpack is already heavy enough. Go for rain covers that also have carrier bags with them.


The main job of a rain cover is to keep your backpack safe from rain, moisture, fog, or snow. This will in turn keep your backpack contents safe. Water proof design will come from the type of material used. Nylon is known for high style water resistance. An internal water proof PU coating is also a plus.


It is not every single day that you will carry the same size of backpack or same capacity of backpack. Sometimes you will have a bigger or smaller design. It is important that you get an adjustable design that will fit all your backpacks perfectly.


High end nylon fabric will make your rain cover extra durable. It will give it a high level wear-resistance touch, scratch resistance, and more importantly ease of random or routine cleaning too.


This will depend totally on the color of the best backpack rain cover and to a smaller extent the design. Bags with adjustable styles of Velcro handles will seem much more compact than those that don’t.


What is the Best PU Coating for a Rain Cover?

If you read this backpack rain cover review well you will realize that waterproof PU coating for every rain cover differs. The best level is 3000mm and lowest level is 1500 mm. This will depend on your type of climate.

My Backpack is Made of Nylon. Why Do I Need a Cover?

Not all nylon materials have the same water resistance levels. Plus some backpack zippers are not designed to resist water seeping through.

Which Types of Bags Can I Use these Rain Covers for?

All type of bags including backpacks, normal bags, daypacks, brief-cases, and also overnight bag if you have any.

For your backpack rain cover review 2019 you need to start with any of these designs that we have given you. I suggest trying out the MECOC UltraLight Backpack Rain Cover for a change too.

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