Why Best backpacks?

Whether you are taking a vacation trip, work trip, or just going for a small-time visit, you need a reliable way to keep your accessories safe. From your clothes, shoes, work documents, traveling documents, electronic devices, to say the travel itinerary, having the most viable storage system will be awesome!

That is the place your Best Travel Backpack will come in. With an extraordinary travel rucksack, you will not only keep your travel accessories safe, but more importantly, you’ll have a style of your own to go along with.

Secure travel systems are known to leave travelers with a worry-free experience all through their trip, and believe it or not, you definitely need such an experience if you were travelling any single day too.

Nonetheless choosing the best one is never easy. Many buyers find this quite challenging due to the numerous brands and backpack designs that we have today, but don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

In this post, we have highlighted the best backpack brand reviews that you could work with and included a simple buying guide to help you with your next independent pick! I must say you can fully trust our reviews anytime.

Our reviews are well researched and we sampled over a 100 top rated backpacks, compared them in many ways before narrowing down to these top 10 picks. Some of the considerations that we made included:-

  • Features
  • User feedbacks
  • Expert reviews
  • Bestselling brands
  • ratings
  • Personal experiments
The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Also quite an awesome daypack, backpacks review 2018 agree that Venture Pal Packable Lightweight Durable Travel Hiking Backpack is indeed one of the best purchases that you can make in case you were looking for an everyday backpack.

High Quality Materials: For starts, it is quite durable. Thanks to the high-quality materials that withstand tear and wear which this Venture Pal Backpack has been made with. The material provides extra strength and also a long-lasting performance.

Weight: The backpack is also pretty light. At only 0.8 lbs it is possible that this backpack actually holds one of the lightest weights possible in the many backpacks that we have seen in our reviews today.

Strength: And thanks to the double-layered bottom backpack piece you will also enjoy an extra strength which makes it very convenient in case you have loaded your backpack to capacity or when you have long journeys.

Zipper: Heavy duty SBS metal zippers that operate in a two-way across the backpack have also been included to provide you with a convenient to operation on whatever side you prefer to work from.

Comfortable: For many users, this backpack is also very comfortable. It has a breathable mesh around the shoulder straps and plentiful of sponge padding that helps to relieve any stress from your shoulder.

Strap: The shoulder straps are also adjustable and work pretty well with the chest strap, a whistle buckle, and a lockable waist strap that help you to easily secure your backpack.

Uses: It is easy to store and will fold up in a zippered inner pocket to make your work really easy. More importantly, it also comes with a number of zippered compartments for multiple uses and storage.

This is a simple but ideal home style for hikers and travellers. Even so, anyone who intends to use this backpack must agree to its longevity that is further enhanced by a set of solid bar-tacks at the major stress points.


• High quality materials that withstands tear and wear
• Lightest weight possible
• Double-layered bottom backpack piece
• Heavy duty sbs metal zippers
• Breathable mesh around the shoulder straps
• Shoulder straps are also adjustable
• Easy to store
• Zippered compartments for multiple uses
• Solid bar-tacks at the major stress points


• The zipper cover on the outer front pocket might at times get caught
• Won’t last if filled beyond capacity

The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Next, in our line of the Best Backpacks, 2018 is the Gregory Mountain Products Zulu Backpack. It is a rugged bag that has been made with heavy material to provide it with a longer and much more durable edge.

Material: To be much more specific, the bag has been designed by fusing heavy nylon material with polyester to get the most reliable backpack for everyday use.

Because of its heavy touch, it easily lasts long and will also carry heavy loads without stretching out of shape.

Suspension: More importantly, the bag comes with a ventilated suspension that prevents it from slathering your back with sweat in case you have to carry it around for a long time.

Loading Style: It is also pretty easy to access its contents since it comes with a hybrid top loading style that not only leaves your bag easily organized but which also allows you to easily enjoy more carriage space.

Dual Quick Access Belt: The bag enjoys dual quick access belt waist pockets that you can easily use to carry notepads, phones, pens, earphones, and more importantly sunglasses in case you are under warm areas or during the summer.

Uses: This backpack is, in fact, a good recommendation in case you are looking at possible hiking, travelling, and laptop backpack.

And if you need an updated CrossFlo suspension technology, this backpack will give you the very best of the styles.

Zipper: More importantly, it also comes with a number of zippered channels that are also easy to access even on movement. The pockets are set in the exterior and interior sides of the backpack and come with a hybrid access panel.

Pockets: Along the sides are two external stretch pockets that can be easily used for water bottles and the backpack also comes with a free rain cover to keep light rain away and prevent any damage to your load.

Buy this backpack any day and enjoy everything that we have included here plus reliable trekking pole attachment points that will easily double as ice axe loops and a super light backpack for longer journeys.


• Designed by fusing heavy nylon material with polyester
• Easily lasts long and will also carry heavy loads
• Comes with a ventilated suspension
• Comes with a hybrid top loading style
• Pretty easy to access
• Enjoys dual quick access belt waist pockets
• CrossFlo suspension technology
• A number of zippered channels
• Hybrid access panel
• Free rain cover
• Trekking pole attachment points


• Has no loops on zippers instead it has sticks.
• The water resistance is designed for light rains/ drizzles

The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Osprey Packs are for people who have been around the best brands. With a simple and stylish design to cap its build, the Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Daypack is an exquisite design for the modern travelers and hikers.

Colors: Osprey is the one brand that will provide you with a number of fantastic blends of colors that will allow you to easily style up your own trip in a way that suits your desires and travelling needs any day.

Design: It’s boasts of a highly suspended touch and offers a ventilated style on its back panel with a mesh-like design. This greatly improves the air wicking capacity of the backpack so that you have the best breathable touch.

Multiple Zipper: Even so, many people love this backpack because of its multiple zippered compartments. More importantly the padded laptop sleeve. It not only provides a safe carriage for your device but which also prevents damage in case of a fall.

Carriage Straps: The pack also has a number of carriage straps around the shoulders, chest, and waist. Which give it a super cool touch with their extremely padded design for a comfy carriage all the way through your hike.

Safety: Your safety is considered as the blinker light attachment alerts everyone around you too. It is the one feature that some of the best backpacks review 2019 have stressed on this pack.

Pocket: It is the front panel organization pocket and the front panel vertical center pocket that we loved this backpack for as they are easy to reach and also blend in well with the design.

This is one of the safest bags for anyone who needs a front organizational pocket panel and an easy movement with their laptops too.

We highly recommend its use for researchers, school goers, and people who need a small back pack that offers a light weight touch and an easy to operate design. It comes with a warranty and you don’t have to worry about fixing manufacture damages.

You can always consider the many colors available so that you get your most excellent design and hue.


• Fantastic blends of colors
• Ventilated style on its back panel
• Highly suspended touch
• Multiple zippered compartments
• Carriage straps around the shoulders, chest, and waist
• Blinker light attachment alerts
• Front panel organization pocket
• Comes with a warranty


• Waist straps adjust from sides not from the center latch.
• Some find the material hard to clean

The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Even better is the tactical military designed backpack from Gonex. Like many other backpacks before it, this pack holds enough weight capacity for any camper, hiker, traveller, of backpack lover out there.

Capacity: It provides a reasonable capacity and offers a super light touch for longer hikes even when filled to capacity. The backpack enjoys a 30L capacity and could hold a number of accessories including tablets and a laptop.

Secure: Even when fully packed, the bag is still pretty easy to carry around as it is supported with chest straps, waist straps, and adjustable shoulder straps that help to fully secure the backpack on its intended place.

Back Cover: The back cover and the straps are highly breathable and will provide you with a super air wicking touch to keep off any form of sweaty journeys along the tracks.

Laptop Carry: And if you love carrying your laptop around, you will be happy to note that the backpack offers a fully padded and zippered laptop compartment that will prevent any damages on your machine in case of a fall.

Design: The backpack’s decompressed thickened shoulder girdles are also designed within the human body engineering principle so that they blend in well with your body structure and provide you with additional comfort when carrying the backpack.

Smooth: The girdles are 2.0 cm thick girdles and are good at reducing the pressure around your shoulders and add style to the smooth military SBS zippers that the backpack boasts of.

Durable: Additionally, the backpack is extremely durable and comes with a water and tear resistant 900D oxford material.

Space and Load Capacity: And if the going gets tough and you needed more space, this pack won’t let you down. The MOLLE expansion system will give you that additional room so you can you can have additional loading pockets, water bottle packs, and accessory kits.

Choose Gonex Tactical Military Backpack with a breathable mesh panel on the back and enjoy a superfast air circulation around your upper body and comfort cushioning for a better air circulation along your back and shoulders.

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  • Super light touch for longer hikes
  • Supported with chest straps, waist straps
  • Straps are highly breathable
  • Decompressed thickened shoulder girdles
  • Smooth military SBS zippers
  • MOLLE expansion system
  • Breathable mesh panel


  • Tiny loop on the zippers
  • Some say shoulder harness doesn’t lay flat
The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

For people who love more than just a single sport, TETON Sports Ultralight Plus is the type of backpack that you need. It has been hailed as the one backpack that leads a double life and which is fit for fishing, traveling, hiking, camping, hunting, and picnics.

Design: Nonetheless, it can also be used as a hydration backpack and also a schooling laptop backpack. Thanks to its high style design touch that leaves it with a superior and highly padded laptop sleeve.

Straps: The backpack also comes with stowaway waist straps and allows you to choose the best level of support that you need for your activity of choice.

Even better, it also comes with a large drop pouch. The pouch is perfect in case you need fast storing and easy access for quick-use items such as jackets, smaller devices, sun accessories, and snacks.

More importantly, the bag’s ergonomic shoulder straps are easy to set up and the sewn-in rain cover petty much reliable in case of light rain or damp weather.

Pockets: The pack’s innovative shoulder straps pockets are also cool for easy access to smaller devices such as mobile phones, earphones, passports, and body care accessories.

Zippers: And to add durability to style, the backpack comes with no-snag zippers. The zippers are fitted with oversized pulls so that you can have a quick and easy access.

Technology: The technology provides it with added strength and gives it the perfect edge for the most rugged adventures.

Strong Buckles: And in case you are gunning for multiple strong buckles this amazing sports pack with mesh covers and storm proof zippers is what you need for a super excellent backpack buckles experience.

Mesh Fabrics: The mesh fabrics cover the padded back and also the lumbar area and offer one of the best air and moisture wicking capacity.

Aluminum Frame: You will also get to enjoy fancy but durable lightweight aluminum frames that will provide unmatched support anytime you are out with your backpack loaded to capacity too.

Yet as if that’s not enough, looking at the best backpack reviews will show you that this backpack for men, women, and also youth offers additional durability with its Oxford shell design. In short, it makes a valuable buy.


• Highly padded laptop sleeve
• Stow away waist straps
• Comes with a large drop pouch
• Innovative shoulder straps pockets
• No-snag zippers
• Sewn-in rain cover
• Oxford shell design
• Super excellent backpack buckles
• Durable lightweight aluminum frames


• No big enough rubberized grips
• Plastic buckles

The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Another top laptop and travel backpack is the Adidas Rucksack Backpack. The pack is simply awesome, unique in design, and comes with grey and stylish tones of red as part of its calm color.

Highly Durable: The backpack is highly durable and offers a blend of high-end nylon and polyester fabric that makes it a reliable backpack even in the most rugged times.

Weight: The one reason why we loved the backpack is the bag’s weight. It is one of the lightest backpacks that you will find in this category and weighs just about 0.6 lbs. This makes it easy to use for the longest trips possible.

Easy To Pack: It is easy to pack and comes with a top loading compartment that makes it easy to empty once its use is done with too.

Zippered Compartments: More importantly, the backpack also has zippered compartments to make the entire process really simple and easy to go with in case you are looking at additional storage space for your accessories.

Shoulder Straps: Nonetheless, you will enjoy some classy padding around the shoulder straps that not only adds comfort but also allows you to enjoy the best freedom when moving around. The straps are easy to adjust and come with waist and chest straps that help you secure the backpack.

Along the shoulder straps are easy to reach pockets for smaller devices such as phones and mobiles, sunglasses, earphones, chargers, and also cameras among many other ideal options that you could have.

Laptop Compartment: The laptop compartment is padded so that you devices remain safe even in the worst scenarios while the adjustable side straps are designs to keep your load well compressed so that it doesn’t wobble when you move.

Due to this feature, the backpack has also doubled up as one of the best hydration backpacks and has been greatly recommended for the people who love hiking and many other super cool outdoor activities.

So if you are a hiker, this is the exact bag that you’d need for a super long day out there with your pals. But remember, style comes at a price.


Highly durable
• Nylon and polyester fabric
• Weighs just about 0.6 lbs
• Top loading compartment
• Zippered compartments
• Classy padding around the shoulder straps
• Easy to reach pockets for smaller devices
• Adjustable side straps


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The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Another top-rated traveling backpack that will set this competition ablaze is the NIKE Vapor Speed 2.0 Backpack.

Top Loading System: Fitted with an awesome top loading system, this backpack will easily allow its user to stuff-up your accessories into the backpack for secure storage.

Design: The design will also provide for an easy emptying experience while at the same time you can easily arrange and organize your backpack in the shortest time possible.

Internal Divider: More importantly, the backpack has internal dividers that will keep you pack extremely organized and allow you to easily access your contents.

Zippered Compartments: In addition to that are zippered compartments that you can use to store your travelling accessories without necessarily soiling any other delicate things that you might have carried in your backpack.

Pockets: It also has two pockets on the sides that are best suited for hydration bottles and other frequently used accessories such as sunglasses and also handkerchiefs.

Rain Cover: Even better, the backpack comes with a rain cover that will ensure that your entire luggage is kept safe from any kind of drizzle that might damage the contents of your backpack.

Shoe Compartment: The shoe compartment is also available and comes with its own separator that will allow you to keep dirty laundry separately so that the other clean stuff is also kept safe from any kind of soiling.

Material: And thanks to the backpack’s nylon and polyester material, you will easily enjoy top rated durability that will ensure that your backpack lasts longer and leaves you with the absolute value for your money.

Colors:  The backpack also offers many colors to choose from and there isn’t a shred of doubt that you will eventually have something to take back home in case you come looking. The bottom part is layered with an additional fabric to prevent tear or damage.

If you need a backpack that will speak brand, style, class, and luxury, this backpack has it all in a single package and you will find it easily around the best online shops.


  • Top loading system
  • Internal dividers that will keep you pack extremely organized
  • Two pockets on the sides
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Nylon and polyester material
  • Offers many colors to choose from
  • Bottom part is layered with an additional fabric


  • Some find it small in size
  • No MOLLE expansion system
The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Even better for outdoor hiking, traveling, and laptop carriage is the Gregory Mountain Patos Backpack. This backpack offers so many features to die for and is one the bags with a stylish modern twist.

Ideal Compartments: It offers a number of ideal compartments that makes it super easy to use and also a much more ideal backpack for anyone who has a laptop, tablet, and any other small electronic devices that they might want to store.

Suspended and Padded Compartment: More specifically, inside the backpack is a suspended and padded compartment that is custom made for a 15-inch laptop, a cool tablet sleeve, and a small sleeve for any other small devices including digital cameras and also mobile phones.

Additional Storage: And to make the difference with the other regular backpacks to stand out, this one offers additional compartments for the storage of business cards and additional four pencil slots for a better organization of the school supplies.

Padded Shoulder Straps: To make the experience with this backpack more ideal, the pack has been fitted with padded shoulder straps that will ensure that you don’t feel any pain or strain even if you were to carry the backpack for longer durations.

Additional Chest and Waist Straps: Along these padded shoulder straps are additional chest and waist straps that are also adjustable and which come with hard plastic buckles and more importantly additional pockets that are dedicated to keeping other frequently used accessories safe.

Pockets: The pockets are designed in such a way that they come with soft embossed lining on the inside that won’t leave your brittle accessories such as sunglass lenses or damage electronic devices with any kind of damage or scratch. It also offers a stretch knit pocket touch on both sides that are sized for water bottles but which are designed to go flat when not being used.

Durability: Many users have also agreed that this backpack is extremely durable and offers a reinforced handle design and bar-tacked touch for added durability. And more importantly, along the sides of this backpack are side compression straps that will easily compress the load and leave you with improved stability.

Dual Trekking Pole Loops: It gives you dual trekking pole loops that come with removable retainers, interior stash pockets with key clip for small valuables, and additional safety touches.

Zipper: The backpack’s zipper gives you quick access to the contents and the dividers are super cool if you intend to separate the contents to avoid spillage or contamination of any kind.

It is extremely durable and has one of the strongest constructions for people who are looking at the need to enjoy a reinforced design. And on the best part, this backpack pays so much attention to detail making it one of the super cool designs with a lightweight touch.


  • A number of ideal compartments
  • Suspended and padded compartment
  • Fitted with padded shoulder straps
  • Hard plastic buckles
  • Soft embossed lining on the inside
  • Stretch knit pocket touch
  • Reinforced handle design
  • Dual trekking pole loops
  • Side compression straps
  • Lightweight touch


  • Smaller zipper flat cover
  • Smaller waist and chest straps
The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Osprey Farpoint 40 Best Travel Backpack is also a top-rated design for people who love to hit the road. And according to the top backpacks reviews, this bag is not only reinforced for the most rugged jobs, but it is also designed to appeal.

Large Panel Zipper: It is quite unique and has a large panel zipper access to its main storage compartment for easy access. The backpack offers a top-loading design that makes it super cool to store in anytime along the trip.

Stowaway Shoulder Straps: It also comes with stowaway shoulder straps that are super flexible, easy to adjust and which are attached to chest straps and waist straps for a much more compact hold on your back even if the pack is full to capacity.

Better Design: For a much more better design, this backpack has a breathable mesh touch on the lower side that offers high-end air and moisture wicking capacity and which prevents you from sweating up along the trek.

High-end Nylon Fabric: More importantly, the backpack is designed from a high-end nylon fabric that provides it with additional durability and which ensures that the backpack can hold maximum weight capacity while at the same time managing any rates of wear and tear.

Hydration Pockets: And while many backpacks come with their hydration pockets on the sides, this one has styled up and placed both pockets at the back in a rather appealing manner. Across the hydration, pockets are additional compression straps that add color to the backpack’s stylish logo that has already stood out.

Tablet and Laptop Sleeve: And if you are carrying a laptop along with the trip, you don’t have to worry either as the backpack comes with a super cool tablet and laptop sleeve and a lockable compartment.

Scratch-free Pocket: Thanks to the pack’s super embossed scratch-free pocket at the back, no damage threaten the durability of this backpack.

It is simply stylish, sizable, and pretty much the all-round backpack that many experts agree is worth every penny that you will pay for it.


  • Large panel zipper access
  • Offers a top loading design
  • Stowaway shoulder straps
  • High-end air and moisture wicking capacity
  • Breathable mesh touch on the lower side
  • High-end nylon fabric that provides it with additional durability
  • Additional compression straps
  • Stylish logo
  • Laptop sleeve and lockable compartment
  • Super embossed scratch-free pocket


  • Not to be overloaded
  • Some huge people say it feels tighter
The Backpack Review, Best backpack brands and Reviews for adventure travel and Hiking (2020)

Finally, we have the Gonex 55L Hiking and Outdoor Backpack. It is highly rated among the Best Travel Backpacks and is virtually reliable if you want to tag your family along for any outdoor activity of your choice.

The backpack is super cool in design and enjoys a top-loading technology that pretty much gives you the best breather when you intend to have a quick packing or emptying experience for your backpack.

More importantly, it is highly durable and is forged from the perfect combination of nylon fabrics. To be much more specific the backpack is constructed with an addition of the 420D and 210D nylon fabric that gives it the best water repellent and tear resistant touches.

And apart from enjoying such ideal waterproof touch this backpack is one of a kind and enjoys the best aluminum rod support among backpack of its peers.

It is quite affordable and enjoys the best 3D Bearing System Technology that includes the aluminum rod support that we just mentioned and no additional or extra weights to the main backpack.

Because of this, you don’t have to worry about any excess weight as the weight won’t go in – good for simple care and maintenance.

It has multiple pockets, storage compartments, and also water bottle spaces for your super cool style and traveling needs too.

More importantly, the style of design is enhanced in such a way that you will also find a top double-deck pocket that you can easily use to separate different articles while traveling.

The backpack is a looker and comes with a compact design that allows your back to rest on the breathable mesh on the underside of the bag.

This mesh enjoys one of the top air and moisture wicking touches that will ensure that you remain dry even on the hottest days.

At the top of the backpack is a canopy that prevents any damage to the contents that you have carried.

You can always choose this backpack in case you want padded shoulder straps and stowaway straps that are adjustable, compact pockets on the sides for hydration bottles, and super easy to adjust compression straps.


  • Top-loading technology
  • Quick packing or emptying experience
  • Perfect combination of nylon fabrics
  • Best water repellent and tear resistant touches
  • Aluminum rod support
  • 3D bearing system technology
  • Multiple pockets, storage compartments
  • Top double-deck pocket
  • Canopy that prevents water and any damage to the contents


  • Chest and shoulder strap might feel tighter if you overload
  • The underside fabric is not reinforced

Backpack Styles to Choose From

Basically, there are two main types of backpacks that you can always go for. These types will work irrespective of what you are looking and more specifically if you are looking for the best hiking backpack or travel backpack. They are the following models:-

Top Loading Backpack

Many people believe that these types of backpacks are generally meant for hiking, camping, mountaineering, and trekking among many other technical trips.

In that case, they don’t consider them as being the best travel backpacks. Top loading backpacks are generally narrow and long, a design that makes them super ideal in your accessories in a centered position for an easy movement.

Top-loading backpacks also open only from the top. This is a pretty huge plus for people who love trekking, exploring the countryside, and camping.

In addition to all that, these packs also have so many bungee cords, clips straps, securing loops, and handles that you can easily hook up on your tent to create more sleeping space.

Note: We aren’t against using top-loading backpacks for travelling, in fact, some of them are super cool as you will find out. They aren’t annoying at all and you will find easy to use dividers for your accessories every time you need something at the bottom of the pack – many buyers also agree to this.

Front Loading Backpack

These are basically backpacks that will open up like a suitcase. They are easy to handle and you can access their contents easily too. Thanks to this feature, many buyers agree this type of backpack is the ultimate traveling choice.

They will completely unzip to reveal the contents of your bag and give you a wide opening to easily access every corner of the backpack.

More importantly, they are also very secure. The zippers are lockable from every side and the bag comes with multiple pockets that will act as easy separators in case you want to keep your accessories differently and avoid the clutter.

And unlike the top-loaders, most front-loading packs will allow you to easily stow away the unused harness straps, clippers, and handles.

Note: If you are looking for the best travel backpacks, we highly recommend this type of packs as they are easy to handle, secure, and will easily double up as a hiking pack whenever you may need them to be.

Important Features of the Best Travel Backpacks

The number of people who love to travel is simply higher compared to the hikers. That’s why we’d love to be a little detailed about what features to look at when choosing the Best Travel Backpacks. But not to worry, we will also add a number of general considerations for other packs including the best Laptop Backpacks.


A backpack that is easy to detach will leave you with more room for movement. It will be easy to switch positions and also change the carry mode from a backpack to a lift up position any day of the trip.

Compression Straps

It is not every other day will you carry huge volumes of stuff when you are traveling; a backpack with easy to access handy-straps that tighten to keep your contents compressed will be really good.

Padded Carry Straps

Shoulder straps if padded will leave you feeling very comfortable even when under heavyweights. Less padded shoulder straps may just leave you with bruises around your shoulder. Make sure you get thick comfy straps for top support.

Stow Away Harness

On your trip, your bag will be easily tossed around, sent down luggage bunkers, or stack in other piles of luggage. This can make it vulnerable to damage on the straps. A stowaway harness will save your day. It will allow you to zip up the handlers, straps, and hip belts in order to keep them safe.

Carrier Straps/ Loops

Your bag should also have the carrier straps and loops. This makes lifting or carrying your bag on to be a very easy task. You could easily secure your back and also clip things on the outside too.

Lockable Bag Zippers

This is very important even for the Laptop Backpacks as you need something to keep contents secure. Lockable zippers will give you that opportunity and more importantly allow you to have a worry free trip.

Packing Compartments

Compartments are good when you intend to separate your contents. They will come in handy if you want to keep your bag well-organized and also to make it easily accessible too. Secret zippers will do a great job here.

Slash-Proof Lining

This is a new feature for the very best backpacks 2018. The latest models use this additional feature to prevent anyone from cutting open your bag and getting out the contents. It is an added layer of a tough lining.

Smart Tips When Purchasing the Best Backpacks

If you are thinking of buying the best hiking backpack or say your next backpack for traveling, these tips that we are going to give you here will make your work really easy and more importantly fast.


The size of your backpack will be very important. People who are traveling with kids, for instance, will need more space unlike those who are traveling alone. A family trip guy will also go for the larger size.

Even for the best laptop backpacks, you will need to consider size because laptops come in different sizes always.


Cost of the backpack will determine whether you can afford the backpack or not. With your budget in place, you should be able to determine what fits into your budget. Nonetheless, you should focus on having great deals even on the tightest budgets.


There are many backpacks out there, but you can’t have all of them too, depending on your needs and user preferences, you may go for a top-loader or a side-loader instead. You can also consider so many other factors too.

Go for a design that fits your needs, style, preferences, and overall structure of the backpack. An easy to carry backpack would be a super cool choice for me. You can always keep an open eye for multi-use designs that come with straps, handles, compartments, and possible clippers among other things.


Think of the shoulder bruises and inflammations that we mentioned before; who needs them really…? No one! Therefore, make sure that you look for a backpack that’s comfortable to carry around. Hikers will probably carry their backpacks for longer periods. Because of this puffed up, straps will be a great addition.


Your backpack should feel heavy at all, especially when empty. You need lightweight designs that only pick up weight when loaded. Choose packs that weigh less and which will easily balance you’re your contents to spread the weight evenly.


You never know when those straps may snap. They could even break before you get your shipment – just kidding! Well, things happen though. With a warranty, you should be able to get a cost-free fix for some time in case of any damage.


Expert reviews such as what we have here and user feedbacks work hand in hand to leave you with the best backpacks. With such considerations, you should be able to get backpacks that will easily last you long, give you value for your money, or possibly leave you with the best user experience too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean my Backpack?

Every time you are from using your backpack. However, you don’t have to wash the pack every other day. Washing the pack can be a weekly routine, especially for people who have backpacks for laptops. Dusting the backpack can however be an everyday thing.

How Do I Load My Backpack?

Knowing the best way to load your backpack will save you time and space. The trick is simple, work with compartments. Possibly use separators to keep a distinctive margin. You also need to leave no space. You should stuff panties and vests inside shoes so you don’t waste space.

Where Can I Buy my Best Backpack?

Backpacks are easy to find. However, to save time, money, and energy you should buy your best travel backpacks online. Buying online also gives you a variety of designs and brands to choose from any day.

Which Are Some of the Best Brand to Go for?

If you are looking for the best backpacks brands to work with, we would suggest going with any of the brands that we have reviewed in here. Nonetheless, Osprey, Adidas, and Nike are among the top rated brands that we have today.

Should I Worry About My Backpack Material?

Well not quite – if your material is simply strong or rugged enough. Typically, any backpack that will withstand the rugged outdoor terrains such as rocky mountain terrains must be tough. The same applies to travel bags that get stacked together and tossed around from one stop to the next.

There you go; the best backpack reviews for your trips, hikes, and laptops. You should be able to pick your best design now. Thankfully, we have rounded up some of the best backpacks reviews in 2018 that you could start with.

Additionally, we have given you one of the simplest buying guides that you can easily follow through. Thanks to the backpack reviews that you have chosen, this guide will help you with some of the smart pointers that you can share with your loved ones for a great trip bag.

Good luck with your next choice of the best backpack and come around for the best backpack reviews anytime.

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