Backpacks Under $100 Reviews: Simple Buying Guide for You

Getting the best backpack can be the greatest idea that you ever make. But if you are on a budget, up tight in the pocket, or is looking to spend on the low, going with a casual or rather an affordable backpack would be a good idea too.

Sometime you really don’t have to spend so much to get the best backpack. Indeed, with a highly affordable design you will find all your backpack needs readily serviced in no time. In this post, we review a number of best edc backpack under 100 to help you with a quick choice the next time you are buying your most affordable pack.

Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

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Weight:  5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Capacities:  4,000 cubic inch (65 Liters)
Dimensions:  32″ x 18″ x 12″ Inches
Torso Length Adjustment: 19″ – 23″ Inches
What we like:  Lots of pockets and comes in two sizes.
What we don’t:  Limited support.

To start us off on the best travel backpack under $100 is the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack.

The backpack is ideally not your everyday pack. With a high-performance touch and style, the backpack can double up for so many uses including, hiking, camping, trekking, traveling, and more importantly daypack.

It has a number of awesome features that you can easily die. However, we will just mention but a few that really stand out too.

For starters the backpack features a rugged design on the internal frame and hold up to 4,000 cubic inch or 65 L capacity. This makes it large enough for up to a 5 day trip. It is also well-designed to fit men, women and youth.

And here is the loveable part, compared to other pricey designs, this backpack I s well built with a number of side pockets for easy storing of trekking rods, ski boots, snow shoes, and tent poles among other things.

And apart from enjoying a pack weight of 5 pounds, the backpack also offers a high level comfort. Thanks to its multi-position torso harnesses that are readily adjustable to allow the backpack to fit a wide range of body sizes.

The backpack’s molded channels also provide maximum comfort and top level air-wicking. However, it doesn’t have a hydration bladder.

Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack Packable Daypack 20L

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Weight: 185g
Capacities: 20 liters
Unfold size: 44 x 30 x15 cm (H x W x D)
Compact Size: 16 x 16 cm (H x W x D)

And if you are looking for the best laptop backpacks under $100 the Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack Packable Daypack 20L would be your best choice yet.

It is a handy, travel and hiking backpack too that will easily step in if you intended to give your laptop the perfect travel case and safety compartment.

Made from the 210D high quality nylon fabric, the backpack is super lightweight pack that will easily repel water and also keep your contents well protected from dust and dirt.

The pack has a maximum capacity of 20 liters and can also fall to a compact size in case you want to store up when folded. Believe it or not, if you desire a convenient best edc backpack under $100 backpack, this buy would make an easy and convenient design to carry!

There’s also a small pocket set closer to the back that allows you to put your personal cards or other simple accessories that might be easily stolen.

Even better, it also uses a highly breathable mesh lining at the back side and also around the shoulder straps to make sure that you get a proper fit and remain with a comfortable carry on feeling all through the day.

Adidas Excel Backpack

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Weight:  1.35 lbs (0.6123g)
Durable material: Built to stand up to wear and tear
Features:  Lots of pockets & laptop sleeve
What we like:  Lifetime warranty – built to last
What we don’t:  N/A

Apart from the two that we have seen, the people who love simple college backpacks aren’t also left behind.

With the Adidas Excel backpack, you will easily get the best college backpacks under $100 and enjoy the coolest storage backpack for your schooling materials including books, laptop, and pens.

Made of 100% durable polyester material, the backpack will easily provide you with a safe storage for your schooling contents with up to 100% water resistant capacity. Therefore s little drizzle won’t be a thing to worry about.

And because it is built to last, the 4 zippered pockets on the outside and the internal zippered compartments or organization pockets gives this backpack an added advantage over the regular choices that you will buy across the street.

Let’s just say that the soft padded lined 15.4” compartment for computer and tablet storage also qualifies this backpack as one of the best laptop backpacks under $100.

And thanks its XL size the backpack has enough space and a top level design for its padded and rather comfortable shoulder straps.

Use the backpack as your regular daypack, and choose the two sided meshed pockets on the side for your water bottles for quick hydration.

Gregory Mountain Products Sketch 28 Liter Daypack

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Weight:  2.5 lbs (1.133 kg).
Capacities:  1708.66 Cubic Inches (28 Liters)
Dimensions:  20.25″ x 12.5″ x 7.5″ Inches
What we like:  Lots of features and comes in three sizes.
What we don’t:  Limited pockets

Another best travel backpack under $100 is the Gregory Mountain Products Sketch 28 Liter Daypack.

Designed to double up as a business, travel, and commuting backpack, you will easily enjoy a top-rated laptop compartment, high-end durable construction and a built-in compartments for the perfect organization when traveling.

The laptop compartment, for instance, enjoys the best external-access and comes with a top padding for any 15-inch laptop. It also has a tablet sleeve.

And if you are looking to catch the train or bus, single top-loading quick access compartment that also comes with a quick-release lid at the top will give you an easy way to pack up your bag in no time.

However, many people loved this backpack because of its large zippered front shoe and also accessory pocket and the daisy chains.

The security is also a notch higher if you choose this backpack as it comes with a U-Lock lash strap on the side.

I must point out that for a top accessory backpack with multi pockets and a high-level internal device organization system, this would be the perfect backpack for a three-day trip and also for a safe keeping of all your travel itinerary, passport, wallet, headphones, chargers, and even your cloths.

Nike Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

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What we like:  Adjustable straps make carrying comfortable
What we don’t:  N/A

Finally, in this same list of the best backpacks under 100 we have the Nike Elite Pro Basketball Backpack.

Made of 70% nylon and 30% polyester, this backpack is not only very durable, but it also boasts of one of the top quality rugged designs for any type of weather.

It enjoys a high-level water repellant capacity, with an easy protection against dust and dirt. For people who value the easy to load best backpacks under 100, this backpack will make a great choice.

Thanks to its top loading style, you can easily enjoy a quick loading experience while packing and also enjoy an easy to work with draw-cord for the best and secure storage.

In the inside are internal dividers that help you to keep your backpack well-organized. You will enjoy great gear for separating your shoe compartment/ dirty laundry and also your clean clothes.

And to get the best-compacted design you can also use the adjustable straps and enjoy the padded straps for a much more comfortable carriage all through the day.

On both sides of the backpack are side accessory pockets designed to make your hydration easy as you carry around the water bottles with so much ease.

Best Backpacks Under 100: Top Tips When Buying

There are a number of considerations to make when you are buying the best backpacks under 100 such as:-


This is the greatest determinant. Your best college backpacks under $100 should indeed fall below the 100 dollar mark.


Just because you are going for an affordable backpack of under 100 USD doesn’t mean that you should miss out on some of the best functionalities. Keep an eye for lockable zippers, zippered compartments, abrasion free zippers, and hydration sleeves among others.

User Reviews

However little the money may look, you don’t want to throw it away. Look for backpacks with the best user reviews too.


Padded shoulder straps, torso harness, waist straps, and ultra-light weight designs compound some of the most ideal things to look out for when you are looking for a comfortable design to go with.


Well, brand may not seem like much, but if you are the best backpack lover, you will realize that is has so much to do with style, design, refund policy, and warranty.


Why Do I Need Many Compartments?

Well you don’t need many. However, it is important that your backpack has these storage compartments so that you can keep the backpack clean and organized.

How Can I Ensure my Accessories are Secure?

Going for lockable backpacks will be awesome. You can also choose your backpack as per your needs. Someone who has a tablet or computer should buy the best laptop backpacks under 100 instead of a hiking pack.

What Makes Up the Best Backpacks Under 100?

Portability is key. This will also be determined by the capacity, volume, or size of the backpack too.

Whether you are looking for the best laptop backpacks under $100 or is simple opting to get a commuting laptop, going with the price against your budget can easily give you a high styled backpack. The most important thing is remaining patient and shopping with so much care until you get the right choice.

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