As experienced backpackers, we climb rugged environments, mountain peaks and went through plenty of tropical vegetation. And while making these trips, we tested out all of the top-rated backpacks that are available in the market. All of them were undoubtedly thebest sleeping bags that were available for the time.

However, each of the models had a different price tag on them. And we understand not all backpackers want to break their bank while trying to get one of these. That is why we have decided to focus on affordable units but do not lag one bit behind the pricey options.

That being said, we are sure that you will find all the information regarding the budget options after reading this article. So have a read!

How much does a good sleeping bag cost?

It is a natural thing to refer to something being affordable to something that is not up to mark. However, that is not always true. For example, the best budget sleeping bag will cost considerably lower than the regular models but will not skimp one bit in terms of the important factors that make one of these “good.”

That being said, when it comes to cost, the material and the size havea big role to play. The basic ones are going to cost about $20, while the large and the units having good construction materials can cost you about $75. Do note that we are talking about budget options here.

If you were to venture into the realm of the high-end models, you would be looking to spend more than $100. And not all of them will be able to nail all of the important factors.

What is the best type of sleeping bag for camping?

To choose one of the best sleeping bags for camping, you need to consider the weather. And as you know, campers and backpackers do not always go out in the trail when the leaves are falling, that is in spring but in all of the seasons.

Winter Camping

For winter, you need to choose the ones that have a good amount of insulation. Without being capable of providing the right amount of insulation, you will freeze while sleeping inside it.So, we would recommend you to make sure that you get the ones that can retain the heat properly.

Spring Camping

Spring is highly unpredictable. The nights can get exceptionally cold, while the days might have heatwaves just like summer. Now, for the early spring, we would recommend sticking with the winter sleeping bags. Those will be able to offer a comfortable sleeping experience on cold nights.

However, for late spring, our recommendation would be to stick with the three-season sleeping bags. These are good enough for the spring season. But do carry an extra blanket with you.

Summer Camping

The summer nights can get cold as well, especially when you are out in nature. For that reason, the sleeping bags for the summer need to have the right amount of ventilation and should be capable of offering the proper amount of warmth. Here, the three-season bags are going to work like a charm as well.

On the other hand, there will be bags that will be specialized for summer nights. Those are going to focus strictly on ventilation. So, with them, our recommendation would be to take a blanket with you. That will come in handy if it gets too cold during the night.

Fall Camping

Winter sleeping bags are compatible with fall camping as well. And if the location that you are planning to camp is notorious for early snows, our recommendation would be to pack a thick blanket in your backpack. However, if you are not going out in the trail in late fall, there will be no need to go through this hassle.

Instead, get yourself a three-season sleeping bag. Also, do consider if there is a proper amount of ventilation on the bag or not.

What are the best sleeping bags?

As we have mentioned before, we have gone through the offerings of the best sleeping bag brands. And from our vigorous testing, we have found these budget models to stand out the most:

Coleman Dunnock – Best For Winter Camping


  • Ideal for temperatures as low as 20 degrees F
  • Compatible with sleepers that are up to 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • Can retain heat exceptionally well
  • The inner liner is pretty soft
  • Features ZipPlow system to prevent sagging


  • The durability level is not that high
  • Does not roll that easily
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Favorland 3 Season– Best Lightweight 3 Season Weather Sleep Bag


  • Exceptionally light in weight
  • Offers a higher amount of comfort
  • Utilizes skin-friendly fabric inside
  • The outer construction is pretty durable
  • Easy to store


  • The zippers are not that high in quality
  • Can not retain that heat that well
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SWTMERRY3 Seasons – Best Portable Sleeping Bag


  • Includes a travel-friend carrying bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a dedicated zipper on the bottom
  • The outer material is waterproof
  • Breathable and can keep the inside cool in summer


  • Might be too narrow on the top portion for some users
  • Has a weird smell to it
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SOULOUT3 – 4 Seasons – Best All Seasonal Sleeping Bag


  • The filling material has a 400 GSM rating
  • Super warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer
  • The outer surface is waterproof
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • The stitching on the side feels a bit cheap
  • Not ideal for extremely cold environments
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Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree – Best Insulation Sleeping Bag


  • Utilizes DriDown insulation technology
  • Easy to pack
  • Has two zippers on the side
  • The build quality is praiseworthy
  • Light in weight


  • Might be a narrow fit for some
  • The outer surface is not waterproof
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TETON Sports LEEF–Best For Cold Environments Sleeping Bag


  • Can insulate the footbox exceptionally well
  • The weight of the unit is not that high
  • Can keep the inside warm in exceptionally cold environments
  • Bundles with a compression bag
  • Comfortable to sleep inside


  • The material of the inside tends to get caught with clothing materials
  • Might ship with frayed stitchings
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Kelty Cosmic 40 Degree – Best Comfortable Sleeping Bag


  • Features three-piece hood to offer a comfortable sleeping experience
  • Light in weight and compressable
  • Sports two zippers on the top
  • High in quality
  • Provides a good amount of insulation


  • Not that ideal for cold environments
  • The zippers are not that high in quality
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oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag – Best Durable Camping Bag


  • Sports a construction of 210T anti-tearing polyester
  • The lining inside is pretty durable
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Has a separate zipper on the bottom to keep the feet secure


  • The comfort level is not that high
  • Not that easy to roll
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Coleman Plum Fun 45 – Best For Kids


  • Ideal for children that are up to 5 feet 5 inches in height
  • Features ZipPlow system to prevent sagging
  • Integrates Thermotech technology to offer the right amount of insulation
  • Utilizes ComfortCuffto offer a good amount of comfort
  • There are interior pockets


  • The pockets inside is not that large in size
  • Comes with an exceptionally small carrying bag
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ECOOPRO Warm Weather Bag – Best Summer Sleeping Bag


  • Utilizes breathable material to keep the interior cool
  • Waterproof and the material is skin-friendly
  • Compact and pretty light in weight
  • Comfortable to sleep inside
  • Easy to roll and easy to carry


  • Not ideal for environments with under 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature
  • Might be too narrow for some adults
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How much should you spend on a backpacking sleeping bag?

We have used backpacking sleeping bags are as low as $20 and as high as $550. Now, both the bags did a proper job of allowing us to sleep comfortably inside. However, the sleeping experience on both was not the same. Also, there are other criteria that you might want to consider before setting up a budget. For example, the build quality of both was not the same. But the offerings that were around $100 did manage to nail most of the important factors. So, if you are planning to get one of these, set your budget at $100 if you do not want to spend that much but do not want to get something that is not worth the money.

What is a good weight for a backpacking sleeping bag?

The lighter the sleeping bag, the better. As you would have to carry these on your shoulder throughout the trip, getting the lightweight ones would be ideal. However, do make sure that the unit is not skimping on the other factors just to be lightweight. Consider the comfort and the durability at the same time.

Whats the best sleeping bag for backpacking?

It depends. Basically, the weather has a big role to play in this regard. And there are ideal backpacking sleeping bags for each of the weather. So, before choosing one of these, consider the environment and the weather of the backpacking trail and then choose the perfect one.

Which is better down or synthetic sleeping bag?

Down sleeping bags are known for offering a good amount of comfort. However, they are not that ideal for harsh environments. On the other hand, the synthetic ones will be capable of withstanding different rough and tough environments. So, if you want comfort, the down would be the ideal choice.But for extended use, opt for the synthetic ones that have a good lining inside.

How do I choose a sleeping bag for backpacking?

Choosing the right sleeping bag for backpacking is not that hard. All you need to do is keep a few of the important factors in mind. First, consider the weather. Then, the overall build quality, weight, and comfort level that the bag can offer. Lastly, consider the extra features that can come in handy during the trip.

Final Words

Without having one of the best sleeping bags, it can get quite tough to enjoy a backpacking trip. And we hope that our effort in making the choosing process a tad easier for you worked like a charm. That being said, we would also like to ensure you that all of the units we have recommended are worthy of every penny.

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