Best Hiking Backpacks Reviews: Get A Simple Buying Guide to Work With

If you love to hit the outdoors with your loved ones, then you probably need a backpack that serves your needs out there.

The best hiking backpack is a great option for people who love any type of outdoor activities and more specifically hiking, camping, picnicking, and mountaineering. It can easily carry your basic accessories and act as the safest case for everything that you need.

However, when choosing the best backpack for your hiking needs you might find it a little bit challenging. Thanks to the many brands that we have flocking the market today. That’s why it is important to read the top rated best budget hiking backpacks to help you out.

We have prepared the top ten hiking backpack reviews to help you start out. Our reviews are well researched and will be of great help.

Backpacking Pack Comparison Table

Color OptionsGrey, BlueBlack, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Light GreenBlack, Blue, RedBlack, Blue, RedCoyote Tan, Green, Orange
Capacity3539.38 Cubic Inches / 58 Liters3051.19 Cubic Inches / 50 Liters2.31332 Cubic Inches / 3356.31 Cubic Inches / 55 Liters3400 Cubic Inches / 55 Liters
Dimensions (filled)24.8 x 11.8 x 5.5 inches 23 x 15 x 8.6 inches31.5 x 19 x 14.5 inches26.77 x 11.81 x 8.66 inches30" x 17" x 12" inches
Pack Weight (w/o Tarp/Poncho)2.74 lbs (1.242843 kg)2.40 lbs (1.08862 kg)5.1 lbs (2.31332 kg)3.48 lbs (1.58 kg)4.5 lbs (2 kg)
Detachable Hood
Our Rating8/108/109/1010/109/10
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Hiking Backpacks Reviews

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For the best budget hiking backpack reviews, starting out with the Gregory Optic 58 Large Hiking Backpack is no mistake.

This backpack comes with an Aerospan Suspension with a high-end air and moisture wicking technology.

It is also ventilated and comes with additional dual foam components. Along the hips are supportive hip belts that help to secure the bag.

The Ultra-light 7001 alloy made of aluminum works well for the bag’s perimeter frame and provide an anti-barreling support.

The material is highly durable, water proof, and also comes with custom designed cover stows at the top of the bag.

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The one reason many people love the OutdoorMaster 50L Hiking Backpack is because the backpack has a huge capacity.

Many others also love it because it is stylish and comes with multi-purpose compartments for hikers. Indeed you can carry books, laptop, cameras, and your personal accessories in the same bag.

The bag enjoys top padding and comes with a high-end waterproof rain cover to keep everything safe from rain.

This bag comes with plenty of pockets, padded shoulder straps, and harness straps along the waist.

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With a 75 liter capacity, the Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro Hiking Backpack is best suited for campers and hikers who will be gone for days.

It also works as the best men’s daypack and you can highly depend on it if you intend to move around a lot.

The bag comes with the vest fit design and has a vented panel on the back for wicking moisture and sweat.

Its removable rain cover stowes will also double up so well if you intend to keep water off the loading end.

You can depend on the backpack’s hip belt to keep your bag’s content safe and highly secure too.

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The Venture Pal Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack is a household brand today. It is used as a daypack, travel backpack, and more importantly as a hiking backpack.

The bag’s material is heavy duty with a lasting waterproof performance to guard your things against any form of damage.

The mesh and breathable shoulder make this backpack an easy to use air wicking backpack with a very comfortable design.

If you need to remain organized, the backpack allows you to use numerous compartments to keep your additional accessories pretty safe and a 35-liter capacity to go along with.

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Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack is another best hiking backpack that you can come across today.

It is made out of a highly durable nylon fabric that is also waterproof in design and which offers a lasting performance.

The backpack is abrasion and scratch resistant and will remain in great shape for a very long time too.

At the time of storage, you can easily fold up this bag into a compact fold and use the smallest space possible to store it.

For more storage space, the bag’s multiple compartments will work well and allow you to keep the bag organized.

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Made of a highly durable 100 D nylon fabric, the Osprey Hikelite 26 Hiking Backpack is very dependable and quite easy to use.

It is scratch resistant, water resistant, and also easy to clean in case it catches dirt. You can also keep the bag quite tidy easily – thanks to the multi-purpose zippered compartments that the backpack comes with.

To make sure that the backpack works well, it has padded shoulder straps that are comfortable, a chest strap, and a harness strap along the waist to keep it held safely.

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For veteran hikers, another top hiking backpack that works well is the Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack.

It has an internal frame that gives it enough volume, shape, plus an easy to carry design among other things.

The bag has a waist belt to help you harness the weight and also additional padded straps around the chest too.

If you need a comfortable carriage, the padded shoulder straps will make that easy and you will also enjoy easy to-adjust fits.

The bag has multiple compartments that will keep you bag organized and give it additional storage space.

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The Gonex 55L Hiking Trekking Camping Backpack is another best day hiking backpack review that’s worth looking at.

It is designed for rigorous uses and best suits outdoor uses including camping, traveling, trekking, and hiking.

The bag is made out of a highly durable nylon fabric thus is quite water resistant. It will easily keep your contents safe.

Internally, the bag’s design is boosted with an aluminum rod that keeps it in strong shape and makes it easy to carry around.

Even better, this backpack has a double deck design that gives it optimal spaces and which maximizes the spaces.

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Coupled with a number of highly dependable fasteners, the Adidas 30 MKS60 BQ1129 Black Backpack is indeed one of the best packs for hiking.

It is stylish and comes with a cool logo at the back of the backpack. The bag is made of 100% polyester and is therefore highly resistant to water.

To make the carriage easy, the fasteners will hold the back safely around your waist. The padded shoulder straps on the other side will make it easy move around too.

This backpack offers numerous compartments that acts as additional spaces and also makes your work really easy.

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The NIKE Vapor Speed 2.0 Training Backpack is plain in design. However, it is a very versatile hiking backpack.

If you are walking out, you can easily find this top-loading hiking backpack to be extremely ideal to work with.

The backpack comes with adjustable straps that you can use to fasten it around your waist any time.

It also comes with additional zippered compartments, internal dividers, and outside compartments for more storage space.

Thanks to the bag’s combination of polyester and nylon it has a highly durable water-resistant design that you can depend on when the weather changes along the hiking trail.

Choosing the Best Hiking Backpacks: A Simple Criteria for Evaluation

If you are choosing your best day hiking backpack from any of the reviews that we have listed above, you may want to understand the simplest criteria that will absolutely give you the best backpack for your needs. And this one will work.

Make a Decision on How Your Backpack Will Be Used

Make a plan. Think exactly how you intend to use your hiking backpack. Look at the many activities that you have lined up which require the use of a backpack. Some of the activities that you could look at include.

  • Picnic
  • Mountaineering
  • Hiking
  • Camping

Know How the Backpack Works: How it Meets You Plan

Sit back and think of a good backpack that will actually meet all the needs that you have listed above. It will be important that you look for backpack that will have a little attribute of every activity that we’ve listed above on it. A good example will be.

  • Easy to access pockets for camping
  • Stable all round fastening straps for hiking
  • Inside compartments for picnicking
  • Ragged and waterproof build for mountaineering

Take Time to Search: Hit the Internet and Browse

Going with the vast plan is good. It allows you to compare numerous prices and settle for the very best features – and there is no better way to do that than the internet.

However, in order to have the most successful shopping spree here, you’d have to be very patient.

Create enough time to shop, identify a number of sites, and read additional reviews, before you can round up your best choice. At the end of the day, you should have the very best hiking backpack.


What Hiking Backpack Features Should Never be Sacrificed for the Price?

There is quite a number. They include material of the backpack, safety/ security of the backpack, and comfort.

Where Do You Find the Best Backpacks 2018?

You can buy your hiking backpacks online. Online shops provide some of the best varieties that you can choose from.

Can You Choose a Number of Backpacks?

That comes down to what you prefer and what you choose. However, if you chose to buy more than one, make sure its servers an additional purpose that the other doesn’t.

Looking for a hiking backpack has never been easy. However, you need to ensure that you read the best backpack 2018 reviews before you can settle on the most appropriate option. It may take time if you go through the internet. However, it is worth every effort.

And with our best hiking backpack reviews you don’t have to go through such a grueling process. Simply make your best pick amongst what we have and enjoy the use of the top rated hiking backpack of your time. Quality is always guaranteed with these ones.

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