When the topic of everyday-carry or outdoor-ready backpacks rises, duffle bags and tactical backpacks are two popular options. However, getting the average ones will not cut it if you want to carry loads of gears. Those will simply not have the sturdiness, support, and capacity you want.

Instead, getting the best tactical backpack and military duffle bag should be your concern. And lucky for you because we have found some products that embody all the features we just mentioned. So, if you are interested to know them, keep reading!

What is a tactical backpack?

Before we go a bit deeper, we would like to ensure that you have a clear idea regarding tactical backpacks. The factors that differentiate these products from regular bags is the extra features. These bags allow the user to stay highly active, carry kits, stay secure, and tread for a long time while carrying the bag on their back.

How to pack a tactical backpack?

One of the most efficient processes of packing these is the pyramid process. As you have guessed, you need to keep the heavy items on the bottom, medium-weight ones on the middle, and the light ones on the top. This process will ensure that you can easily carry the pack, and at the same time, the items remain secure inside.

What is a military bag called?

Bags that most military personnel use is called duffle bags. However, for the gun range, military personnel usually opts for the best range bag and gun range backpack. Those keep all of the gears organized, which makes it easier to operate the firearms.

Best Tactical Backpack and Military Duffle Bag Reviews

With all things aside, let us get to the main thing that you are here for, which is to know about the models and why they worth the price tag.

BLACKHAWK A.L.E.R.T. Load Out Bag with Wheels

On the lookout for a military duffle bag that is highly durable? Look no further because BLACKHAWK has got the perfect offering for you!
Wondering what makes this one so high in durability? Well, the reinforced stiffeners on the bottom side would be the first factor. The stiffeners are high in quality and make the unit achieve superior sturdiness.

That is not all! The wall is 1000 denier nylon. And it has two separate layers. There is reinforced stitching on the wall, which will increase the durability even further. Also, for the double layer of material, it should be able to resist punctures and wearing exceptionally well.

Additionally, the unit will offer you easy access to the inside. It achieves this capability for the U-shaped lid on the top. The lid has a hinge-type mechanism, and it is large in size. So, opening and getting the items inside and taking them out will not be a tiring process.

It even has a pull handle on the top. There is a full wrap around carry handles as well. These two will make carrying a fully loaded bag a breeze. Also, it features two dedicated end-cap handles that will come in handy when the bag is too heavy.

· Reasonably durable
· Has reinforced bottom
· Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
· Integrates a U-shaped lid on the top
· Features two padded end-cap handles

· Some of the units ship with a large cut on the bottom

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Eberlestock Sniper Sled Drag Bag 52″ (Military Green)

Having options regarding anything is always a plus point in our books. And the fact that Eberlestock is offering options regarding the color and solid overall build quality makes this one a worthy pick for the best tactical duffle bag.

As we have mentioned above, the unit is available in three different color options. Depending on your expected outlooks, you can opt for the military green, dry earth, and, finally, coyote brown. All of the versions are 52 inches long and have a good amount of space inside.

On that note, the construction material is 1000 denier nylon. This material is highly resistant to water, which means rain and splashes of water would not damage the overall structure. Also, external debris will not be able to make its way inside.

In addition to that, this one has three external pockets. They are reasonably large in size, and all of them are removable. The interior has multiple harnesses. Those will hug the rifle tightly. And the capacity is good enough to accommodate a full-sized rifle, including sniper rifles with scopes attached to them.

It also integrates a shoulder harness. You can modify that to keep the rifle barrel downward or upward. And after folding the unit open, it is possible to use it as a shooting mat.

· Available in three color options
· Has a good capacity inside
· Features multiple harnesses inside
· Boasts an adjustable shoulder harness
· Can resist water

· The small handles do not have that much padding

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Forceprotector Gear LLC Sherpa Loadout Bag

So, what makes something the best tactical backpack or duffle bag? Well, according to us, the first thing would be being highly portable. And that is what this one has amazed us with!

First of all, it comes featuring stainless steel wheels on the bottom. They are large in size and can roll smoothly on most surfaces. And thanks to them being replaceable, there will be no need to worry about being stuck with broken wheels if any of them does break.

On that note, replacing the wheels will not be an issue either. All you are going to require is a Phillips’s head screwdriver and a wrench. Also, the wheels have a rubber tire, which can dampen shock extremely well. For that reason, the chances of the items inside getting damaged will be pretty low.

Apart from the wheels, the bottom of the unit has ballistic nylon. That gives a proper amount of reinforcement to the items inside. And thanks to the spacious capacity, you would be capable of fitting a large number of gears inside. It should have more than enough room for many cases.

Lastly, there are multiple straps and handles on the top. Those will make it easier for you to move it around and attach the bag with something when moving.

· Exceptionally portable
· Has replaceable stainless steel wheels
· The wheels are large in size
· Packs proper reinforcement on the underside
· Features multiple staps and handles

· The mesh of the pockets are not that sturdy

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5.11 Tactical Range Master Duffel Bag Set – Includes Single Pistol Case, Small Pouch, and Medium Pouch 47 Liters, Style 56495

When it comes to getting a well-performing tactical bag, one of the go-to brands for many is the 5.11. Wondering why? Well, you will get to know exactly why after going through this review.

To start with, it is highly reliable. And it is loved because of featuring a compression-molded lid on the top. This lid will provide effortless access to the inside. And thanks to the MOLLE attachment mechanism, you can customize the inside according to your preference.

Other than being highly reliable, the level of support that it offers is exceptionally high too. It integrates a reliable shoulder strap. There are multiple handles on the top and the side as well. Those will let you carry this around with full confidence. Also, it has elastic bands on the side, which will enhance the overall security.

Alongside that, the design is pretty enhanced too. Carrying it will be an easy task thanks to the ergonomic design. And the inside is pretty spacious. It holds the ability to accommodate multiple pistol casings. Also, there are dedicated pouches inside as well.

The build quality is pretty stellar too. It features a construction of 500D nylon. This material is highly resistant to wear and tears. Also, the lid is of 1680D polyester, which is a pretty sturdy material as well.

· Offers a higher level of support
· Relatively reliable
· Features an enhanced design
· The inside is reasonably large
· Made of 500D nylon

· Can not resist water that well

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Savior Equipment Specialist Series 51″ 55″ Discreet Tactical Long Range Precision Sniper Rifle Bag Firearm Soft Case, Scope Cover, Backpack & Shoulder Strap, Lockable Zipper, w/ 2 MOLLE Pouches

Even though there is an awful number of bags with excellent build quality, there are not that many sporting overall security. Well, this one is one of those few.
Unlike some of the other available options, this one has zipper sliders on the main compartment. All of the sliders are lockable. So, you would be able to have the peace of mind that nobody would be able to tamper easily when you lock the sliders.

The brand did not skimp one bit on the overall protection as well. There is full scope protection inside, which can protect the scope from damages that might occur during movement. Also, it has a dedicated muzzle holder to properly hold onto the attachments during transportation.

There are plenty of pockets too. You will find one pocket for the tripod, one for the spotting scope, and finally, one dedicated pocket for carrying a pistol. All of them have straps to hold onto the items properly during movement. As a result, the chances of the items getting damaged will be pretty slim.

It is available in two different sizes. One is 51 inches long, while the other one is 55 inches long. Both of them come in two different color options.

· Integrates lockable zippers
· Features a full scope protection
· Boasts a dedicated muzzle holder
· Has a plethora of pockets
· Comes in two different sizes and colors

· Only has one handle on the top

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VooDoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe Padded Weapons Case

Lockable zippers on the main compartment might not be your thing. Instead, you might be looking for something that is entirely lockable. Well, in that case, this one should be in your consideration.

To begin with, it has three exterior pockets. Each of them is pretty large in size and is capable of holding big-sized items. The pockets and the body has a texture on the exterior, which makes it look good. And the texture also makes sure that the bag does not slide around when you keep it on to of plain surface.

In addition to that, both the pockets and the main compartment have a locking mechanism. You can use a padlock to secure all of the compartments and keep your items secure from thieves. And it comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The strap contains a generous amount of padding.

Even the overall construction of the unit is pretty praiseworthy. The brand has opted for heavy-duty cloth. Due to the ballistic nature of the cloth, you can expect to get extended use out of it. Also, the zippers are heavy-duty too. Those are going to offer smooth overall operation for a long amount of time.

Lastly, there is a handle on the top. It has a good amount of padding as well. And the interior has 2 inches of padding to offer good protection to the items.

· Fully lockable
· Features three large pockets
· Integrates a detachable shoulder strap
· The strap and the handle has a good amount of padding
· Made of heavy-duty materials

· The handle is not that sturdy

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G5 Outdoors Tactical Range Backpack

Having dedicated handgun and magazine storage can make carrying multiple firearms in one pack a hassle-free task. And this one from G5 Outdoors features exactly that!

Let us first talk about the overall construction of the unit. The brand has opted for durable nylon for constructing this one. That material makes it achieve a higher level of durability. As a result, it holds the capability to resist wear, and it does a proper job in holding the overall integrity for a long amount of time.

One thing that makes it stand out the most is the internal pockets. There are three individual handgun storage casings. And each of them has a dedicated magazine holder. For that reason, you would be capable of carrying multiple firearms without having to leave any ammunition behind.

Apart from the internal cases, there are four pockets outside. You can use those to carry additional ammunition and gears. Each of them has a zipper, which means the items are not going to fall off on their own. And the waist strap has a good amount of padding. You are sure to receive a reasonable amount of support.

Additionally, the frame features a Honey Comb design. This design will enhance the overall rigidity and make it more durable. Also, it contains MOLLE webbing systems.

· Features construction of durable nylon
· Can resist wear and tears
· Has three internal pockets
· Boasts dedicated pockets for magazines
· There are four pockets on the exterior

· The adjustable mechanism of the waist strap is finicky

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MT Assembly Military Rucksack Tactical Assault Backpack Hydration Pack System with Frame and Hip Belt Multicam

Among all of the units, the ones that come with a built-in hydration bladder would be the ideal pick if you want to travel long-distance while carrying the pack on your back. And this rucksack from MT is a perfect example of that.

As we have mentioned, it has a built-in hydration system. The system comprises all of the necessary parts, including the tube, cover, and valve. There will be no need to get anything extra to make the hydration system functional. And the valve is long enough to make the liquid pass through the bladder to your mouth.

Other than the hydration system, the pack consists of one main compartment. The main compartment is reasonably spacious and can contain a good number of items. It also has plenty of internal mesh pockets. Those will let you keep things organized. Also, there is a front pocket, which can accommodate small items.

The unit comes with an Assault Pouch. It can be mounted on the webbing of the bag. And the pouch is large enough to accommodate a good number of small gears. The webbing system will also allow you to attach other accessories to the bag.

Additionally, the unit is of 1000D fabric. It can resist water exceptionally well. And the zipper, along with the buckles, is also very sturdy.

· Sports a hydrations system
· The main compartment is pretty spacious
· Comes with a secondary pocket
· There are mesh pockets inside
· Made of 1000D fabric

· The zippers are not that smooth

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5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 55 Liter Large, Style 58602

Another backpack from 5.11 that should be in your consideration is this one. Like the previous one we looked at, this one has a lot to offer and is highly reliable at the same time.

Let us start by talking about the straps. It features dual-density straps that are highly adjustable. They have quite a large amount of closed-cell foam packed, which will make it comfortable for you to carry the bag around. Also, the adjustability will ensure that it is secure on your back.

The unit also has a large number of pockets. Its main compartment is pretty wide, and it includes a hydration pocket. There is one reasonably large-sized pocket on the front. Also, you will find small-sized pockets on the left and the right side. These will make carrying accessories and gears an easy task.

In addition to that, the front has two dedicated zippers. Those two will ensure a good amount of security to the items inside. And the main compartment has molded grip pulls, which will make it easier to bring out the large items from the inside. There are a few different sections as well.

It also features solid overall construction. The whole thing is of 1050D nylon. This material is sturdy enough to offer you an extended service without showing any issues.

· Has dual-density adjustable straps
· The straps pack a good amount of foam
· There are plenty of pockets
· The main compartment has two zippers
· Constructed of sturdy 1050D nylon

· The zippers are not lockable

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5.11 COVRT18 Tactical Covert Military Backpack, Large Assault Rucksack Pack, 2.0

We have picked yet another offering from 5.11. Their models are so high-performing that we could not resist. And this specific one will surely amaze you. Wondering how? Well, you need to continue reading for that!

This military-styled backpack has a roomy main compartment. The compartment has different sections, which are going to make it easier for you to keep all of the items in an organized manner. Also, there is a comparatively large secondary compartment on the front. That also has interior pockets.

The compartments are not the only thing that makes this one amazing. It has a superb build quality too. The construction is of 500D nylon, which can resist water exceptionally well. In fact, the water resistance capability is so good that it will not let any water get inside when the bag is under direct rain.

It is exceptionally comfortable to carry as well. Thanks to the foams on the exterior, carrying this will not be an issue for you. It even has a padded internal pocket, in which you can keep electronics. They will be safe from shock, thanks to the layering. There is a flip-down ID panel on the front as well.

Other than that, you will find a roll-down compartment. It can house a full-sized firearm. The pack also offers quick access to the inside. So, getting something out quickly will be easily possible.

· Water-resistant
· Has a roomy main compartment
· Contains a padded pocket
· There is a large secondary pocket
· Features a roll-down compartment

· The shoulder straps are not that adjustable

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Key Features to look before buying

There are some things that you should check before making a purchase. By following the points below, you will be able to find a bag that meets your exact needs, whether it is for a long hike or for military purposes.

Budget vs Quality

You might not believe it, but it is possible to get well-performing and high-quality backpacks without spending too much cash. However, the high-priced ones usually will have some extra bells and whistles, which can come in handy in different scenarios.

So, it’s your call whether you want to shell some money or stick with limited features.


Usually, the price is all over the place for some of the tactical bags. However, some offer a stellar value proposition. Those are the ones we would recommend you to pick. But do keep in mind that the more features a backpack will offer, the higher the price tag will be.


The design is another thing that should be in your consideration. Make sure that the straps are adjustable, or else it will be hard for you to get a good fit on your shoulder. Also, consider the overall ergonomics.


Tactical packs are always meant to carry loads of gears and items. However, if you were looking for something compact, our recommendation would be to get the ones with at least 30 liters capacity.


The lifespan will highly depend on the construction materials. Usually, the ones that are of high-quality materials will last for a long amount of time. It will also depend on the material of the product and its construction.


What are tactical backpacks for?

The tactical packs are generally for carrying loads of items efficiently. These are also highly portable, allowing the user to stay active and mobile.

How to Fold a Military Duffle Bag?

First, tighten down the shoulder straps. Find the square on the bottom and start making the first fold. Then fold the square inside the duffle bag. Make another tight fold. After that, close it sideways into equal thirds. Tighten each of the layers and fold it vertically in equal thirds. And you should have a portable bag!

How big is a military duffle bag?

Military ones are usually pretty large in size. They range from 30 liters to as large as 60 liters.

Are military duffle bags waterproof?

That will depend on the construction material. If the material is synthetic, the bag should be able to resist water.

Are duffle bags allowed as carry on?

If the bag meets the airline's suggested size, it would be allowed as a carry on.

What backpack Do Navy Seals use?

It will usually depend on the mission and the team. Recently, they are being issued with Alice and Granite packs.

How many liters is an army duffle bag?

Usually, it will hover around 33 liters. However, there are some that will be around 35 liters.

Final Words

Now you are well aware of the brands that are offering the best tactical backpack and military duffle bag. Plus, you also know the important factors to consider. So, hopefully, picking one will not be an issue for you.

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