Best Teton Sports Ultralight Backpacks For Hiking

Ultralight, that is a word we all like to see in the features of whichever product we purchase. It is an exceptionally useful feature when it comes to something like a sports backpack that you are likely to wear and carry for hours on end. We cannot stress the importance of a sports backpack that does not harm you due to its weight.

Heavy backpacks can affect your health with prolonged use. It puts stress on your back and shoulders.Before you know it, you may suffer from disorders of the spine or lower back. Unnecessarily heavy backpacks can also hamper your posture while hiking, which can cause incurable injuries overtime.

The lightweight aluminum frames

Moreover, an ultralight backpack should not be mistaken for a cheap one! The lightweight aluminum frames included in the backpack actually distributes weight more evenly and prevents you from feeling most of the load. Yes, you’re right – you can pack just as much gear and items as before, but have it feel lighter!

However, ultralight backpacks are something that several travelers shy away from.The backpack itself might be light, but what about all the awkward and heavy equipment? Well, we’ve got good used. Ultralight equipment is slowly becoming widely manufactured too, so go ahead and purchase the best ultralight companions for your bag!

It is a great option in terms of your health, convenience as well as availability. An entirely new type of backpacking may seem daunting, but trust us when we say ultralight backpacks will change your life!

Best Ultralight Backpacks

Ready to step into the world of ultralight backpacks? Read on to find the best ultralight backpack for you! All product reviews come with pros and cons to help weigh your options more easily.

TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpack Mountain Adventurer 4000

Planning a 2 to 5-day adventure to the riskiest trail? Need a bag to carry all sorts of equipment – be it tents or skiing shoes? The TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 has got you covered! Lightweight and extremely heavy-duty, this is one of the best models thata seasoned hiker could purchase.

The backpack has a completely customizable fit. It features extra padded split dual wishbone waist pad and separate adjustments for the top and bottom halves of the torso. The bag is guaranteed to fit all shapes and sizes of users perfectly. This model also boasts a lumbar adjustment which is usually found in pricey ultralight models.

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Despite not having a rainfly, the backpack remains dry in every condition due to its high-denier Oxford shell. This is water-resistant up to 1000mm. It includes a bright yellow tarp that can be used to cover the bag or used as a poncho to cover the user as needed. You can also add a 3L bladder for hydration.

Apart from that, unbeatable storage is perhaps the model’s greatest selling point. Firstly, it had internal gear loops that can be used to hang equipment as well as roped. Reverse U pockets are not only spacious, but they also make all your stored equipment easily accessible. Thus, it also has a separate sleeping bag compartment for easy access.

The compression straps, besides adjusting the size of your bag, can also help in carrying some extra equipment. Despite being so much loaded, the bag remains comfortable to wear for hours on end due to its ergonomic design, adjustable aluminum stays, adjustable straps and of course, its ultralight weight.

This model happens to be one of our most favorite picks as well as a hot seller online. With reliable quality and functionality, this is another product TETON can boast proudly!


Supports hydration systems up to 3L

High storage options

Ergonomically designed

Customizable fit

Durable build


No integrated rainfly

More suitable for intensive trips

TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpack Talus 2700

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Get rid of bulk with the Talus 2700. With a streamlined design, the backpack features all the necessary features you would look for in a high duty ultralight backpack, and then some more. As the TETON promise of quality, durability and extreme functionality, the talus is a great pick for people of all ages, frames and experience levels.

First of all, the backpack is hydration ready. It allows for a 3L bladder (to be purchased separately) to be attached along with a drinking pipe. Likewise, the backpack comes with a tarp, which can also be used as a poncho to cover the user and the backpack at the same time. It also doubles as a minimalist tent when pitched!

Your backpack remains waterproof in up to 1000mm of rain, thanks to the high-denier water-resistant Oxford shell. A strong material also prevents the bag from tearing or becoming damaged in any way.

In terms of storage, TETON bags are not known to have fallen behind. The Talus is no different. It features reverse U-shapedpockets which are very spacious and keeps all your equipment accessible due to its shape. Dual lower and upper gears loops ties help secure long equipment.

Accordingly, for external gear storage, multiple gear loops, gear ties and double daisy chains are available on the body of the bag. All of these help in keeping your gear within your reach at all times. The compression straps on either side keep all the load secured and makes the bag easy to carry.

So, comfort has never been an issue with these sports bags. As always, the backpack features two aluminum stays which are made accessible incase the user needs them adjusted to maximum comfort. Wide shoulder straps make the bag easier to carry.A padded waist pad and lumbar support reduce the impact of the load on your body.


Water-resistant up to 1000mm

Hydration ready

Adjustable straps and aluminum stays

Includes multipurpose tarp

High storage capacity


No integrated rainfly

Complaints of faulty zippers

TETON Sports Adventure Backpacks Canyon 2100

Sports backpacks are difficult to choose from as it is. The options available can leave even the most seasoned travelers confused, and it only gets worse when purchasing a bag for a certain category. Canyoneering is one such category for which your bag of choice needs to have a set of indispensable features for complete functionality.

Luckily, TETON Backpack is the one from sucha category.It is a perfect entry-level canyoneering backpack which is great for other activities such as hiking, trekking and camping too. The bag is made of high-denier honeycomb Ripstop, which will survive in all weather conditions and levels of usage without tearing.

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So, what makes this bag perfect for canyoneering? Firstly, it features four holes in the base which drains the water in case you submerge your bag. It also boasts a 20-liter yellow dry bag. The zippers on the side pockets are also weather-guarded for durability in all conditions.

For storage, the bag features a large main compartment along with a separate compartment for your sleeping bag. The hood also doubles as a storage option with its large zippered back entry pocket and interior zip pocket. You can pack everything starting from clothes to a mini stove in this backpack!

In terms of comfort, the bag has a fixed torso length of 19” which fits the most frames. The shoulder straps have breathable padding to make carrying the backpack comfortable. A contoured harness prevents chafing and other forms of discomfort. Moreover, you can also add a 3L bladder to make the backpack hydration ready.

As you can see, this is a backpack that is well worth the investment. It will serve you well for any intensive excursion by providing ample storage space, comfort and durability.


Hydration ready

Base holes for drainage

Carrying bag included

High storage capacity

Separate compartment for the sleeping bag


Fixed torso length

No integrated rainfly or tarp

TETON Sports Ultralight Backpacks Outfitter 4600

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Meet the powerhouse ultralight backpack! The TETON Sports Outfitter 4600 is an all-rounder when it comes to striking the perfect balance between features, quality and price. Made with high-denier double line Ripstop, the bag will not tear under any circumstance, making it adventure-ready.

For storage, the options are endless. The top of the pack features a detachable hood that doubles as a waist belt pack or fanny pack. It also has daisy chains that you can use for external storage of gear. Furthermore, the bag has a separate compartment for your sleeping bag, so you don’t lose any storage space for sleeping equipment.

Compression straps can be found on the top, bottom and sides of the bag which help in holding load as well as adding extra gear. At the very bottom of the backpack, you will find an integrated rainfly. It can be used in the case of downpour or submersion. Being integrated, it eliminates the chances of losing the rainfly.

The fit and comfort of this backpack are truly like no other. With an adjustable torso length between 17” and 21”, the backpack fits a wide range of heights and frames. The bag is also ergonomically designed and boasts a contoured hardness design, meaning it sits and rides more smoothly on the user’s back.

Aluminum stays provide extreme support on your lower back, which is where most of the load of the backpack lands. Additionally, the wishbone construction makes the fit even more customizable. Separate adjustments for the top and bottom halves of the torso makes the fit unique and precise for each user.

This backpack is also hydration ready and supports 3L bladders. As always, TETON can be counted on for the highest quality sports backpacks. In terms of the price, customizability, fit, comfort and quality, this particular model pass with flying colors.


Detachable multi-purpose hood

Integrated rainfly

Hydration ready

Adjustable fit

Ergonomically designed


Bladder not included

No separate lumbar support

Popularity In Amazon (By Reviews)

TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpack Mountain Adventurer 4000 ( 526 Reviews) 90%
TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpack Talus 2700 (526 Reviews) 90%
TETON Sports Adventure Backpacks Canyon 2100 (536 Reviews) 95%
TETON Sports Ultralight Backpacks Outfitter 4600 (551 Reviews) 98%


In case you want to buy the Hydration Backpacks, it is important that you take a look at the following concerns that people have raised before.

Are there any additional costs when buying online?

Not really, apart from shipping fees you will find out that buying your Best Teton Backpacks online is indeed less complicated than having to move from one step to the next.

What is the Main Thing to Look at When Buying?

That will depend on your taste and preferences. Different people tend to focus on different things. Nonetheless, going with quality, design, price, material of make, and the Best Hydration Backpacks reviews could easily save you so much.

When Is the Best Time To Buy a Backpack?

You will find that with the many errands that you have to run on a daily basis your right time is now. In short, there is no specific time.

How Can I Ensure That My Best Backpack Lasts Long?

Take care of your backpack properly. You can do the following on a routine basis to help you easily. • Clean your backpack • Don’t exceed the backpack’s weight limit • Use your backpack only when you have to • Buy from trusted seller.

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