Best Cycling Backpack: [Review, Features & FAQs]

Riding a bike to work every day is not only healthy, but it is also super cool for anyone who wants to save some money. More importantly, it is environmental friendly and will lead to less pollution and less traffic too.

But even if we resorted to the bicycle use, the one thing that will never change is the need to carry a number of accessories to work.  It could be office documents, your laptop, after-work training gears, or simply say your packed lunch if you aren’t the type that loves to hit the cafeteria.

The same applies to the school goers too. And that’s where the best cycling backpack will step in to save the day. But then again, we have to understand that not every backpack for cycling will be up to the challenge. You need a design that will not only be of help but which matches up the work.

Don’t worry. We have your back. We took our time and sampled a number of backpacks for cycling so that we could bring you the right backpacks for cycling. Our Best Cycling Backpack reviews were based on a number of factors, including the pack’s functionalities, features, design, pricing, user feedback, expert reviews, and more importantly our own tests.

Take a look at the best cycling backpack for 2020 that you should be buying right now if you are going to be cycling to work come next summer.

Osprey Syncro 20 Men’s Bike Hydration Backpack

This backpack will sweep most bicycle riders off their feet. It has a number of top features that will suit a powerful cycling backpack design.

To begin us off, the Osprey Syncro 20 Bike Cycling Backpack comes in a stylish strap-full for easy fastening.

In addition to that, it has an adjustable airspeed trampoline that has a suspended mesh on the backpack’s back system.

More importantly, it also has a bio-stretch hip belt and a harness system that will keep the bag in place as you ride your bike. Thanks to the high inbuilt visibility cover the bag is easy to spot by other road users.

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Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack

The Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Cycling Backpack comes with a highly appealing red color.

It is quite reflective and comes with a zippered compartment and also two-sided outside pockets for bottle carriage.

In addition to that, this backpack is made out of high-end nylon fabric. This means that you don’t have to worry about rain or dust as this water-resistant material will easily keep your stuff quite safe.

You can buy this backpack with a breathable shoulder strap design will make for the best stress-free carriage around your back.

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Venture Pal Sling Shoulder Crossbody Bag Lightweight Hiking Travel Backpack

Ventura is becoming quite of a big brand. According to the reviews that we looked at, this backpack brand is taking the market by storm.

The Venture Pal Sling Crossbody Cycling Backpack, for instance, doubles up as a travel, hiking, trekking, and cycling backpack.

It has a comfortable padded shoulder strap with a crossbody design for easy wearing and removal.

More importantly, the bag comes with various compartments that will allow you keep your things extra organized.

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy to wear best cycling backpack, may I suggest buying this right now.

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Nike Running Cycling Lightweight Backpack

Apart from the best cycling backpack 2018 that we have seen, the next best-designed backpack for cyclists is the Nike Running Cycling Lightweight Backpack.

It has a stabilized construction and will easily reduce, for instance, any type of bouncing when riding your bike.

At the back of the backpack, there is a well-ventilated panel that will prevent you from soaking in sweat and an additional harness to help you secure the backpack while riding.

The backpack is lockable and you will be able to secure the top, side, and front of the backpack including the main zipper compartment.

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West Biking Cycling Mini Bicycle Backpack Bike Bag Outdoor Sports Rucksack For Camping Hiking Running Daypacks

West Biking Cycling Mini Bicycle Backpack Bike Bag Outdoor Sports Rucksack For Camping Hiking Running Daypacks has a capacity of 3 liters.

The backpack is exceedingly versatile and will serve well for almost every type of outdoor activity including hiking, jogging, climbing, and cycling.

At the back of the backpack is a breathable material with high air wicking capacity. With this design, you can be sure to arrive in the office dry.

The bag has a water bladder and promises high quality design. Thanks to its high quality resistant nylon material.

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Choosing the Best Cycling Backpacks

The truth is biking to work is not a new thing. It has been done before and has obviously helped in restoring our environment. That’s why it is important that if you have to choose a backpack that goes with a cycling lifestyle you have to choose the best too. Here are some factors that will help.


Biking makes you sweat – and everyone understands that! Nonetheless, you still want to ride your bike and don’t intend to get to the office with a shirt soaked in sweat. Having a backpack that has an awesome breathability will help.

Breathable fabric with top wicking capabilities or air channels will work pretty well. The same applies to a fabric that’s made of mesh. It will prevent your back from soaking up in sweat and allow you to hit the office in a high style too.


The truth is unlike the car riding a bicycle to work makes you extremely vulnerable to weather changes and your backpack contents too. Which is why you need to look at the Best Cycling Backpacks reviews before you buy a cycling backpack that has top water resistant abilities. Such a backpack will not only keep your contents safe, but it will also keep them extremely dry through any weather.


Riding a bike with a backpack that threatens to pull your shoulder out is not easy. You don’t want your backpack to feel so tight or dig so much into your shoulders. Instead, you want it to feel really easy and comfortable too.

Additionally, you don’t want your backpack swinging wildly all across your back as you ride to work. Finding a backpack with an extra padding, adjustable carrying straps, and additional pockets along the padded handles will help to balance the weight and give you the perfect fit too.


Depending on how much stuff you are planning to carry to work every day, you need a backpack that can easily accommodate all these things. Nonetheless, what you buy here will also have a lot to do with your preferred style and design.

If you prefer having loads of pockets for storage or simply internal compartments will have a huge role to play on the type of design that you reach out for. Even so, we recommend buying a bag that has at least an additional pocket.

This way, you will have an easy time storing some of the small items that could easily get lost or misplaced when you choose to throw them in the bag.


The road is not for you alone. There are many other road users around you. Because of this, you need to make them aware of your presence. A reflective design will help you to be visible to every other road user. It will keep you safe and even better minimize the chances of getting involved in an accident. This will work better if you also wore a reflective jacket or fitted your bike with reflectors.


Take a look at some of the concerns that cycling backpack users highlighted when they needed to buy a great pack of their own.

How Can I Get a Great Price for My Cycling Backpack?

Buying online is one of the ways that you can get great prices for your best cycling backpacks. This is because online shops are many and you will get to compare a number of prices. You can also look out for discounted prices, offers, and more importantly warranties. Warranties are even better as they last a little longer.

Which Other Considerations Should I Make?

Choosing bags with a number of compartments will help you to remain organized and also to save your contents from getting lost. The Best Cycling Backpacks review 2018 has stressed this. Remember, the size of the bag doesn’t necessarily determine the number of compartments that your bag will come with.

Must My Cycling Backpack Be Reflective

Yes! You need to be safe when on the road. A reflective design will help you to get noticed easily. It will alert the other road users of your presence and more essentially if you are riding in a very misty environment or under heavy downpour when the road isn’t entirely visible to every road user. There you go; a simple guide to buying your next top rated backpack for cycling to work. You can also pick any of our top-rated designs and get the most thrilling backpack experience on your ride to work. Remember, all you need to do is make sure your contents are safe and that the bag fits well.

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