Gregory Backpacks Review: [Updated for 2022]

It’s time to choose your best Gregory backpack and you don’t have an idea where to start? Well, we are here to help.

With our top-rated Gregory Backpacks Review, you can be sure to get the best backpack for your loved ones or even your personal use.

Our Gregory hiking backpack reviews are well-researched. We have sampled the top picks to make your work easy and fast.

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Our Top Rated Gregory Backpacks Review With Comparison Table.

Backpacking Pack Comparison Table


Product Details


Gregory Hiking Women's Backpack

  • Weathershield pocket
  • Hydration sleeve inside
  • A3 suspension technology
  • Aluminum HDPE suspension
  • Removable Sidekick Daypack
  • Rain cover external zip pocket
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    Gregory Women's Hiking Backpack

  • Internal mesh security pocket
  • Shoulder strap sunglass loop
  • Hydration sleeve external access
  • Shoulder strap hydration tube clip
  • BioSync Suspension technology
  • Zippered main organizer pockets
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    Gregory Mountain Patos Backpack

  • 15-inch laptop sleeve
  • Mobile phone sleeve
  • Business cards sleeve
  • Dual trekking pole loops
  • Zippered main organizer pockets
  • Side compression straps compress
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    Gregory Mountain Men's Backpack

  • Weathershield pocket
  • Hydration sleeve inside
  • A3 suspension technology
  • Aluminum HDPE suspension
  • Removable Sidekick Daypack
  • Rain cover external zip pocket
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    Gregory Optic Hiking Backpack

  • Shoulder harness
  • Supportive hip belts
  • Ultra-light aluminum perimeter frame
  • Shallow-depth ventilated back panel
  • Comfortable dual foam components
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    4 Best Gregory Backpacks – Reviews

    1. Gregory Optic 58 Large Hiking Backpack

    We took the time to start out our best Gregory backpacks with the extra-large Gregory Optic 58 Large Hiking Backpack.

    The backpack is good for very demanding uses; it comes with 100% extra durable nylon material for a highly dependable design. The material is waterproof and will easily keep your things from water damage.

    Gregory Mountain Products Men’s Optic 58 Liter Backpack, Beacon Blue, MediumAdditionally, the backpack also enjoys an AeroSpan suspension technology that makes it feel light even when you have packed it up to capacity.

    And that’s not all. Many users have also confessed to loving the backpack’s EVAP moisture-wicking technique that makes it super safe if you are using it at high altitudes. It prevents you from getting supped up in a sweat and rather keeps your top dry.

    The backpack’s air wicking ability is further boosted with its shallow-depth and rather ventilated back panel.

    The panel is designed well and forged from highly ventilated foam with dual-density which is also used for the padded shoulder straps, chest harness, and an extra supportive hip belt.

    For the internal design, this ideal backpack for trekking, hiking, camping, and traveling is rigged with an ultra-light 7001 aluminum frame on the perimeter.

    The frame comes with anti-barreling support to keep the backpack in place and prevent any form of damage.

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    Designed for the most portable pack if you intend to hit the mountains, hike, trek, or go camping, the Gregory Mountain Products Deva 60 Liter Women’s Backpack is the mountaineering woman’s love.

    It has super ideal cover stows in its top pocket for quick access and also for keeping the backpack’s handles safe when traveling, shipping, storing, or possible when there is heavy rainfall.

    Gregory Mountain Products Deva 60 Liter Women’s Backpack, Charcoal Grey, Extra SmallIn addition to that, the backpack has a removable sidekick that you can easily use as a daypack. The sidekick also doubles up as a very good hydration sleeve that you could easily fit inside any top-rated Gregory Backpack.

    To make the backpack lighter for stylish women who love to use it, the design is fitted with an A3 suspension technology.

    It also enjoys a highly durable 7075 aluminum suspension with an extra-strong nylon and polyester material.

    At the top is a buckle cinch that very much enjoy and an all-weather shield pocket to keep dust, dirt, and rain out of your luggage.

    This backpack loves the attention to detail and will serve you super well with its dual trekking pole loops and their removable retainers.

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    Then we have the Gregory Mountain Products Maya 5 Liter Women’s Day Hiking Backpack. This backpack is best for traveling, biking, hiking, trail running, and also trekking.

    It is designed with a slim fit design that gives it a compact edge on the body and prevents it from wobbling when you choose to run around or move along pretty fast. The backpack is highly secure too.

    Gregory Mountain Products Maya 5 Liter Women’s Day Hiking Backpack | Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Travel | Durable Straps and Hipbelt, Helmet Compatible Pocket | Comfort on The TrailIt enjoys a set of padded shoulder straps which are very much comfortable. The comfort and safety is doubled up with the backpack’s durable harness, adjustable hip belt, and a chest strap too.

    One thing that we loved about this backpack is that it comes with a helmet pocket. This makes it one of the best designs if you are looking for the best backpack for your personal gear among other things.

    To make every woman happy with this backpack, the use of the BioSync Suspension mechanism keeps the backpack moving easily with unrestricted motion.

    And to beef up its performance, the main zippered compartment is easy to access and comes with two internal mesh pockets for easy organization.

    If you buy this backpack you will also get a hydration sleeve that comes with external access and a shoulder strap hydration tube clip.

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    Designed with high-styled portability in mind, the Gregory Mountain Products Patos Backpack is an everyday carry-on backpack.

    It comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps and a top-rated air and moisture-wicking backside.

    On the sides are two pockets that are good for hydration bottles and slightly above these two pockets are compression straps that you can use to get the best type of compact and solid load on the pack.

    On the front, the backpack comes with a zippered compartment that you can easily use to keep all the simple accessories that you may have carried pretty safe.

    On buying this backpack, you will also realize that on the inside, the backpack comes with a suspended and highly padded 15-inch laptop storage sleeve that you can also use for your tablet.  Even so, there is also a separate sleeve for a tablet and a small sleeve for your mobile phone, and a pack of business cards.

    And if you choose to use the backpack for school, the four pencil slots on the inside will keep your school supplies organized.

    Thanks to the backpack’s additional reinforcements you will also get a top loop to use as a grab handle and the side compression straps that we mentioned to help you compress your load and quickly improve stability.

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    Top Care and Maintenance Tips for All Gregory Backpacks

    In order to keep your Gregory backpacks in top shape, you need to follow strict care and maintenance tips. Here are a set of maintenance tips that will help you to get started with the best Gregory backpacks.

    Wash / Clean

    Your best Gregory backpacks are made from top-rated materials including nylon and polyester. These materials are highly resistant to water. They are long-lasting and can easily withstand direct cleaning and washing. Cleaning keeps off dust and dirt that may steal the backpack’s luster.

    Pack to CapacityOver packing will damage the edges and seams of your Gregory backpacks. It is important that you don’t exceed the recommended weight capacity. Look through your user manual to understand what your backpack’s capacity when fully packed should be.

    Repair any Damage

    In case your backpack is damaged such as a broken zipper, torn seam, or broken internal rod, repairing it before you can use it more will prevent the damage from worsening and in turn, save you so much money that you would have used had the damage worsened.

    Store Properly

    The way you store your backpack also has a lot to do with how long the backpack will last. On many occasions, you will find that your backpack can easily collapse into a compact size. Makes sure you empty your backpack after use and fold it into such a design so that it can be kept safely.

    Carry as Advised

    Lastly, you should carry your backpack using the recommended features. According to the top-rated Gregory backpacks reviews, your backpack should be held by the loop at the top or simply carried on the back using the padded shoulder straps fast.


    How Often Should I Clean My Gregory Backpack?

    A weekly routine is fine. Nonetheless, it all depends on how often you use the backpack. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash it in the middle of the week if you have time and feel it could do with a little washing.

    How Do I Pick the Best Gregory Backpacks?

    There are a number of tips that you can go with. They include the pricing, style, size, design, features, capacity, safety, use, and durability (material of design). In addition to that are simple and easy to access storage compartments.

    How Can I Cut Down on the Price of the Best Gregory Backpacks?

    The best tip is to buy online. Once you read through the Gregory pack reviews take your time to shop and buy online. Online prices are quite affordable. You can also look for discounted prices and buy products that have warranties.

    With our top-rated Gregory backpacks review getting your next branded backpack is a no-brainer really. Simply choose your best backpack right away and use the tips that we have given you to properly take care of the backpack.

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