For people who love the Nike brand, choosing the best Nike backpack on sale can be extra tough. You may need the top Nike backpack for women’s accessories and still, miss out because you made a hasty choice.

To get the best backpacks from Nike, reading some of the top Nike bags reviews will be of great help. That’s why we have rounded some of the best backpacks from Nike and reviewed every one of them independently.

By doing this, we aim at giving you some of the most comprehensive Nike backpack reviews and leaving with an easy choice for your next backpack from the same brand. Read on to find out what we prepared for you.

The first Nike Backpack design to grace our top picks is the Men’s Nike Kyrie Basketball Backpack Black.

Also known as the Anthracite Size One Size, this backpack will simply sweep you off your feet because of its super cool simplicity. It comes with an easy to access set of pockets on the sides which you can easily use to keep your hydration bottles, face towels, sunglasses, or small notebook.

The backpack also has an outer pocket that you can use to safely store your chargers, camera, sunglasses, elbow pads, and many other personal accessories that you may want to use so often too.

Nonetheless, it is the backpack’s top loading design that makes it really cool and more importantly super ideal to go with. It is one of the rare designs that come with shoe compartments and one that keeps clean organization as a major priority.

The top-loading cinch closure maintains top security and safety – thanks to the added buckles and super strong straps.

The backpack also has two internal compartments that are zipped up and which makes it a good design in case you intend to store your identification documents.

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Another best design in the pack is the Nike Sportswear AF-1 Backpack. The AF-1 is the stylish design with superior polyester material on the cover.

It is highly compact in design and will require less storage space even when you are on the trip or around town. More importantly, the backpack comes with a solid black color that makes it to easily stand out.

It also enjoys a top loading cinch which is easy to fasten and keep secure. Thanks to the design which is easy to buckle up, strap, and cover.

Many users have also pointed out to the fact that the backpack has two compact pockets on the side, which are easy to access and super ideal for keeping your water bottles safe especially when on a long trip.

To the interior, this backpack also comes with a laptop sleeve that keeps your electronics safe and which works so well with the buckle closures in case you intend to easily access the laptop or store it in.

The padded shoulder straps are also a great feature to point at as they make it easy and highly comfortable to carry your backpack any day.

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A runner’s top choice for a backpack, the Nike Running Lightweight Backpack, 10L is indeed one of the very best hydration backpacks that you can actually come across.

The backpack has a vest-like design that makes it’s highly compact on the back and also prevents it from wobbling when you take those long strides across the trucks.

The backpack has a breathable layer on the backside that keeps sweat and moisture at bay to give you highly comfortable jogging or running spree every time you are on.

Nonetheless, it is the super padded shoulder straps and secure top that make many users to really fall in love with this backpack. They also stress upon the additional zippered storage compartments as some of the very best features that are highly convenient for their personal use.

From our end, however, the stabilized construction which reduces the bouncing rate when you run is also a great feature that this best Nike backpack comes with.

The harness strap is another thing that works so well with the adjustable shoulder straps to keep this super-light backpack in place.

This backpack also has cinch straps for tightening and compressing the pack and also a hydration pocket with a hydration tube clip.

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Unlike the other Nike backpacks that we have seen, the Nike Jordan Gray Unconscious Laptop Storage Pack Backpack is extremely durable.

It is a high performer that also comes in a superior material. The backpack has a Jordan jump man logo on the back that gives it a stylish outlook among the many other designs that you have come across.

In addition to that are the backpack’s highly dependable shoulder straps. The straps are well padded, super adjustable, and come with additional harness strap for more stability when the need arises.

On the outer sides of the backpack are two meshed pockets that make it easy for any user to keep their hydration bottles in place and also in an easy to access area,

The additional outer/ front pocket is also good for keeping your chargers safe, camera, sunglasses, and other simple personal accessories. It is also safe and comes with a lockable abrasion resistant zipper.

In the inside is a padded laptop sleeve that can hold any laptop above 13 inches. There is also a zippered compartment for very important accessories including personal identification documents and car keys among others.

Thanks to the haul loop at the top of the backpack, portability will never be an issue with this pack.

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Lastly in our list of the best Nike backpacks is the NIKE Sportswear Hayward Futura Backpack. It is a great backpack for school and also for your personal accessories especially when on a personal trip.

The backpack comes with a highly durable design and a simple design that makes it quite lovable across many backpack lovers.

It has a huge logo at the back spelling Nike and makes your brand to stand out without any worries at all.

The backpack is made of 100% waterproof polyester and will guarantee easy cleaning. It is safe for your books, laptop, camera, chargers, keys, and any other important personal accessories that you may think of.

This backpack will work so well for people who are going to school but is not advisable if you want to go rock climbing.

On its shoulder are straps that are padded and which make the backpack pretty easy to carry without feeling any pain.

The mesh side pockets also work well for your water bottles. They will make sure that you remain hydrated all through the day.

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Top Five Tips When Buying a Nike Backpack

If you are still wondering which Nike backpack design to go with from our Nike backpack reviews, these simple buying tips will save you a whole lot of worrying and time wasting.


Size is key for any backpack that anyone intends to buy. Look at the capacity of the Nike backpack and compare this to what you intend to use it for. A good size should be able to carry all the stuff you need. Look for additional compartments.


A good backpack is one that serves more than a single purpose. It could serve as a daypack, biking, hiking, camping, schooling, laptop, travel, and camera laptop at the same time. This will mean you can finally save so much when buying your pack.


Expert Nike backpack reviews such as the ones that we have given you and the feedback from previous buyers will work for hand in hand to give you a clear picture of what to expect when you finally decide to buy.


Guarantees such as warranties are very great pointers to an awesome backpack. It means the designer trusts it serves the purpose that it was designed for.

Ease of Use

Ease of you will include how perfectly the backpack fits on your back, what features you’ve got to help you carry it around, and how ideal can you use the backpack to load and offload your stuff.

Choosing your top bag from Nike is extremely easy when you have such a comprehensive set of reviews plus a buying guide. We suggest starting out with what we have given you so that you don’t have to miss out on the top designs that you need.


How Can You Get a Great Price for Your Nike Backpack Women’s Design?

Look for discounted prices. Choose warranties to go with and possibly make sure you buy your backpack online. Online backpacks have lower prices.

What Can I Do to Keep My Nike Backpack in Shape?

We suggest reading the top rated Nike bags reviews and choosing the most formidable designs. In addition to that, you should keep your user manual next to you so that you don’t misuse your top Nike backpack.

How Many Nike Backpack Reviews Should I Read Before Buying?

One may never be enough. In fact, you can browse an entire website. Even so, the most important thing is finding a well-researched Nike bags reviews so that you can settle down on quality designs.

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