Internal Frame Backpacks [Scout 3400, Explorer 4000 & Fox 5200]

Internal frame backpacks are slowly gaining huge popularity. In fact, most manufacturers are moving towards internal frame models entirely. As a result, options such as TETON Sports Scout 3400, TETON Sports Explorer 4000 and TETON Sports Fox 5200 are becoming very popular choices among online shoppers too.

This type of backpacks has an internal frame and one or two bars of aluminum which provide ample support and rigidity to the user. It is a great choice for camping, hiking, trekking or other adventurous trips. Not only that, it is the perfect choice for those who are looking for comfort, adjust ability and mobility.

Moreover, internal frame packs are known not to bounce, keeping the pack stable, keep the center of gravity lower, and closure to its natural position. This feature is useful for trekking or hiking trips (especially on steep grounds) where it is important to maintain balance to avoid accidents.

Internal frame does not rub on skin to cause chafing which is a common problem with the external frame models. In comparison to external frame backpacks, the internal options tend to be roomier as well. They are also more lightweight, owing to a streamlined design, adding to the portability of your backpack during trips.

Accordingly, an internal frame backpack is less likely to get caught onto things such as rocks or branches during a trek or hike owing to its compact design. It has a narrow design which also allows the user to move their arms more freely than external packs which may limit the movement.

In other words, the external frame backpacks are also less likely to pass standard airline volume limits than their internal frame counterparts. This is a very important factor for those who are looking to catch a flight as a part of their trip. Thus, for air travel, internal frame backpacks are definitely a safer, more foolproof option.

Best Internal Frame Backpacks

Sold on internal frame backpacks? We thought so. Now, let us present to you a list of our most favorite internal frame packs to make your search for the perfect purchase easier!

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Scout 3400, is not your average backpack. It is a high-performing, top-selling product, famous for its versatility in terms of use and fit. A great pick for users of all ages, and perfect for beginners, too. Why so? Read on to find out more about the unbeatable features of this product.

The size of this backpack is entirely flexible. With a waist belt that’s adjustable between 26 to 60 inches and a torso length of 15 to 19.5 inches, the backpack fits both adults and youth. With customizable sizes and lengths, this particular bag caters to several body shapes and sizes and provides a snug fit for every user.

It has a capacity of 55L or 3400 cubic inches and a weight of 2 kg or 4.5lb. The size and capacity of the bag make it perfect for short camping or backpacking trips. It is built with 600D Ripstop and 600D Oxford canvas, meaning the bag is resistant to tearing or tarnishing of any sort.

Moreover, the backpack features a bright yellow rainfly to keep your bag dry at all times. It also features several quick-access pockets and gear loops to keep any equipment or item that you would like to have within reach. You can also use the compression straps on the sides and front to secure equipment.

The backpack has a separate compartment to stow away your sleeping bag. Another massive bonus with this model is that it has provision for a 3L bladder – meaning it allows for hydration. Hence, this is a great feature of physically intensive trips.

Overall, the backpack has all the features you would look for in a sports bag. With adjustable fitting, hydration provision, ample storage as well as capacity and an unbreakable build, the 3400 is a popular choice among the customers for good reason!

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• Fits a wide range of body sizes
• Provides airflow
• Allowance for 3L bladder
• Perfect for beginners
• Integrated rainfly


• Faulty zippers
• Poor stitching on some units

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

With this model, TETON promises the maximum comfort for the explorer in you. As usual, this backpack features adjustable waist and shoulder straps and can be used comfortably by those who are between 5’ 11” and 6’ 4” in height. Also, perfect for 3 to 5-day trips, the bag has a capacity of 65L or 4000 cubic inches and a weight of 2.3 kg or 5lbs.

For added comfort, the hip belt, shoulder straps and lumbar support are all padded. The pads used are an open-cell style foam which does not break down from extended periods of use. It is not too stiff for comfort, neither is it too soft for support. Furthermore, the built-in circulation system keeps the user from cool even on the hottest days.

In terms of strength, the backpack is made of 600D Diamond Ripstop and 600D Oxford canvas. The quality of the frame on this backpack rivals that of higher-end internal frame backpacks. It also works as a hydration backpack as it has the provision for a 3L bladder.

A separate compartment included in the backpack stores your sleeping bag for quick access. An integrated rainfly helps to keep your bag and gear dry at all times. Owing to its bright yellow color, you can also use the rainfly to make your bag easily identifiable. When not needed, it can be tucked away in its own compartment.

Besides, this backpack has ample space for you to store all your gear and equipment. It features pass through side pockets which are useful for storing long gear and equipment such as tent and trekking poles. Daisy-chain gear webbing and compression straps also help in keeping oddly-shaped gear tucked away to make your journey easier.

It is a great all-purpose sports backpack that can cater to all the basic demands. At the perfect weight, capacity and functionality, this TETON Backpack can make backpacking, camping or hiking easier than ever.

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• Adjustable fit
• Sleeping bag compartment
• Integrated rainfly
• Allowance for 3L bladder
• Dual aluminum adjusts according to the contour of your back


• Only fits people of a certain range of heights
• Faulty buckles and Velcro

TETON Sports Fox 5200 Internal Frame Backpack

With our next recommendation, we’re taking the capacity up by several notches. At 85L or 5,187 cubic inches, this TETON Sports Backpack allows you to pack enough equipment, gear or items for week-long expeditions. TETON gives you the liberty to carry a large load of items with maximum comfort!

The shoulder pads, straps and belts are all adjustable to fit each user perfectly. Users of almost all body sizes can use this backpack comfortably, thanks to the multi-position torso adjustment. The waist belts are also padded and come with hip straps.

Similarly, contoured and adjustable, the shoulder straps are also very comfortable to carry. Ergonomically designed, the straps adjust to the user’s shoulders to make carrying the backpack up steep slopes a breeze. What’s more, the aluminum stays are also accessible and can also be adjusted for more comfort.

This model also works as a hydration backpack. You can attach a bladder (to be purchased separately) of up to 3L within the bag. It also contains an integrated yellow rainfly, which keeps your bag dry at all times. Rain or shine, your gear stays in perfect condition.

Likewise, a separate compartment for your sleeping bag keeps in within reach at all times. Additionally, deep butterfly expandable pockets on the sides allow extra space for your gear without making the bag bulky. Compression straps also act as storage options for all your equipment and gear.

The backpack is made from 600D Ripstop and 1000D Oxford canvas. However, that’s not all, a detachable hood included in the pack can be used as a waist bag or a pillow too! So you see, this is not your average sports backpack. All these features are hard to find, especially in such affordable models!

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• Adjustable aluminum stays
• Provision for 3L bladder
• Integrated rainfly and separate sleeping bag compartment
• Expansion pockets
• Detachable hood included


• Larger in size
• Complaints of faulty chains and buckles

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

3400 cubic inches internal frame backpack packs quite the punch. It is a great internal frame backpack for beginners or for those who are looking for an easy option which is a no-brainer. This not only looks great, but it also offers several useful features.

In regards to comfort, the backpack has adjustable aluminum stays. That’s right, the aluminum stays in this backpack are accessible, which means they can be adjusted according to your need. You can position them in any way you want. The shoulder straps, waist belt and back panel are padded for further comfort in carrying as well.

This backpack comes with an integrated rainfly. It is bright yellow and can also be used as an identifying feature of your belonging besides keeping the bag dry at all times. The chances of losing the rainfly mid-adventure are nil as it is sewn in.

A separate compartment is provided to store your sleeping bag. This way, the sleeping bag stays within close reach at all times and does not take up space from the main compartment either. This is not all when it comes to the storage capacity of this bag, weather-guard zippers conceal in deep side pockets, too.

Additionally, gear loops are included on the sides to store longer equipment externally. The compression straps can also be used to store other equipment such as a tent or an extra sleeping bag. Moreover, installing a 3L bladder and drinking pipe will make this internal frame backpack a hydration backpack in minutes!

Made of 600D Ripstop and 600D Oxford canvas, the bag will not tear or let you down under any circumstance. The shell and all of its features are made to survive long hours of use and heavy load. Thus, this backpack is an investment worth every penny!

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• Allows 3L bladder
• Fits a wide range of body frames
• Good for beginners
• Adjustable aluminum stays
• Multi-position torso fit


• Bulky shoulder straps
• Complaints of faulty chains

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