The Affordable Essentials Your Family Needs for Outdoor Adventures

If social distancing is making you stir crazy, you aren’t alone! Everyone seems to have that feeling, which may be why more families are discovering the great outdoors these days. Escaping to nature is the perfect solution for socially distant adventures your whole family will love. The only drawback is the cost of getting the gear you need, but these tips will help you stock up without spending a lot of money.

The Bare Necessities

Getting outdoors doesn’t have to be complicated, but you do want to make sure you’re prepared. If you’re trying an activity for the first time, consult a checklist of the basic gear you’ll need, such as a beginning hiker guide or family camping checklist from Childhood 101. Childhood 101 also suggests camping in your backyard first, which helps you save money because you can start with just the basics. Then you’ll have an idea of what you really need, as well as what extras are worth investing in.

Along with these gear essentials, you’ll also want to consider the needs of each family member, including those with four legs. Being able to take your dog along is another benefit of outdoor adventures, but your pup will need his own gear, including food and water bowls, a sturdy leash and harness, and a travel bed. One of the best ways to save money on all this gear is to use coupons and promo codes at online pet supply stores.

Parents of babies and toddlers should also look into accessories that make outdoor life easier with kids. For example, getting a child hiking pack or bicycle attachment makes it easy to bring little ones along (and keep little legs from getting too tired). And since most families outgrow these items after just a few years, you can save money by getting second-hand gear that’s still in good condition.

Preventing Problems

When you’re going outdoors with kids, the best strategy is to anticipate their needs. Think about it – have you ever been somewhere with a tired and hungry toddler and realized you didn’t pack a snack? Now imagine you’re on a hike and don’t have their favorite snack. To make sure this doesn’t happen, try these low-cost snacks that are kid-approved.

Another key to preventing problems is to consider what you need for both safety and comfort. You can sleep in a tent comfortably, but only if you’re prepared! When you’re on a budget, look for deals on good quality sleeping bags and pads so you can get a good night’s rest at a good price. If you still struggle to sleep well on a camping trip, you may want to try a natural supplement like CBD oil. Just remember that not all supplements are created equal, so it’s worth looking into the best CBD oil for sleep so you can find one that’s top quality and that also fits your budget.

Make it Memorable

Besides being a fun and socially distant way to spend time together, there’s an even greater reason why being in nature is good for you. Too many families today experience nature deficit disorder, which is a very real problem that can lead to mental health and behavioral issues. Thankfully, it’s a problem that has a very simple solution: go outdoors more!

The reality is that just being outdoors is rewarding and memorable for kids, but adding just a few gadgets (and objects found in nature) can make the experience even more amazing. For example, the blog Take Them Outside suggests helping kids find their own hiking stick. Kids will also love having their very own gear, like a headlamp, a camp chair, and child-sized binoculars.

Remember that you set the tone for any outdoor adventure, so if you’re upbeat and positive, your children will be, too. Of course, being prepared is just as essential as a good attitude. You have to set your mind to enjoyment mode, which can be difficult at vacation time, especially for those who are independent workers or who own small businesses. However, with these money-saving tips, you can get all the gear you need without sacrificing safety, comfort, or fun.

Photo credit: Pexels

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