The Best Laptop Backpacks Reviews: Choosing the Right Backpack for Your Device

We took our expert team out for over 72 hours. We collected over 100 backpacks for laptops and got down to work.

For starters, we found a number of laptop owners to test out backpack sample. While testing we asked them to keep in mind the most important factors including laptop backpack features such designs.

Eventually, we rounded up these top-rated backpacks that we have outlined in this Best Laptop Backpacks review in regards to the design of the backpacks, prices, features, and more importantly what the users had to say too.

Osprey Quasar Daypack

Osprey Quasar Daypack is made of durable and waterproof polyester material. It has a front storage compartment that can be compressed easily.

It also has a front storage pocket which provides an easy organization for any form of movement.

If you are using the backpack at night, you will be easily visible. Thanks to the blinker light attachment strap that’s located strategically behind the pack.

The material is heat embossed, scratches free, and comes with an additional pocket that makes it easy to store sunglasses.

Thanks to the 2 interior zippers and 4 exterior panels, this backpack will allow you to store more than a laptop.

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Osprey Packs Momentum 26 Daypack

The Osprey Packs Momentum 26 Daypack is unique in appearance. Thanks to its simple design of a cool blue hue.

The device offers ample storage for many things including laptop chargers and books, and pens if you need them. No wonder it still tops the Best Laptop Backpacks for women.

It offers a quick access and comes with a padded handler too. More importantly, it is heat embossed and scratch free.

The pack’s durable construction is reinforced with a top grab handle and side compression straps too.

This bag is great for trekking, school accessories, and also laptop keeping. It is safe and you can cycle with it.

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Backpack for Men Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Computer Backpack for Business Work Travel

Backpack for Men Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Computer Bag has been used for much more than just keeping computers, laptops, tablets, or notebooks.

You can also use it to pack a few schooling accessories including books and also pens, pencils, and rulers.

If you want a great laptop bag to carry on your back while cycling, this bag will again come in handy.

Thanks to this laptop bag simple USB inbuilt power charging system, you no longer have to worry about keeping your phone on full charge.

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Laptop Briefcase Backpack, Gonex Unisex Convertible Bag for Business Work

Another great laptop backpack is the Gonex Unisex Laptop Briefcase Backpack. It is super ideal for both men and women.

The backpack comes with a side hanging design which makes it super easy to hang around either shoulders.

It fits most laptop designs and comes with super cool Velcro strap to work with. The bag has additional paddings to absorb shock in case of accidental fall.

Thanks to its detachable shoulder strap, numerous pocket compartments, and additional snug free zippers, you can easily store more accessories, books, and chargers, and still have a place for your phone too.

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OneTrail Mini Me 10 Liter Daypack | Compact Hiking Daypack

OneTrail Mini Me 10 Liter Daypack Compact Hiking Daypack it is compact in design, simple to work with, and quite secure.

The backpack is made out of a highly durable rain, water, tear, and dust resistant material that delivers a reliable dependability.

It has a large capacity and will hold much more than just laptops, school books, or clothes.

More importantly, the backpack is compact and will easily prevent your weight from spilling over the airline limits.

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Adidas Unisex-Adult 5-Star Team Backpack

Apart from the likes of Ventura, you can always look at the Adidas Unisex-Adult 5-Star Team Backpack.

With the Adidas logo showing all the way, your top style will not be a secret. It is as if you can almost fill safe and secure with the safe styled lockable zippered compartment.

This bag can double as the men’s gym bag and still deliver a high style performance for anyone who needs easy to carry weights.

It is also easy to organize and comes with two compartments – top among the Best Laptop Backpacks in 2018 and also schooling backpacks.

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Nike Jordan Gray Unconscious Laptop Storage Pack Backpack

Simple in design and unique in appearance, the Nike Jordan Gray Unconscious Laptop Storage Pack Backpack is very spacious.

It comes with an easy to reach laptop sleeve and can work as your best laptop backpack. In addition to that, the backpack is also easy to use for office needs and school accessories.

If you need it for your best school backpack it will easily step in. The interior zippered compartment acts as an additional storage space.

If you don’t want to carry it on your back, you can easily use the haul loop at the top of the backpack.

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How to Buy the Best Laptop Backpacks for Women and Men

If you own a laptop and have been looking for the right backpack for your laptop, here are a few tips from our professional experts that might be of great help.

Design/ Style

The style of the backpack will be very important. It is your statement line and you need to follow it wisely. Think about it in this way, how do you want your laptop backpack to be carried?  Do you prefer an over-the-shoulder design, side bag, or a briefcase? Do you need additional pockets on the outer side or not?

It is important that you understand your personal preferences. Remember good backpack for laptops can also be hanged around your best commuter bikes.


How long can your best laptop backpack last? A durable backpack will give you the best value for your money. It will last beyond its intended lifespan and still leave you with a top-rated design.

Some of the best features that will determine a great sense of durability include additional padding to the laptop backpack and also a non-abrasive material. Additional padding has however been seen by some as a set back as it makes the backpack somewhat bulky.


What happens when your backpack accidentally drops down? You want its contents to remain safe and especially your laptop. Additional padding will help. You can also have lockable zippers as a form of an anti-theft mechanism.


There are many different and quite reliable backpack materials that you can go with. You could go with polymer, nylon, or the more waterproof design that’s often made out of polyester. Whichever material that you choose you should ensure that you get a material that has an absolute water-resistant coating.


You need a backpack that can allow you to have some small extra space for adding a few accessories including a few books. Additional space will also be super cool for your laptop to have a little breather.

To get additional space, you may have to focus more on additional size pockets, internal pockets, and zippers-sided pockets. These should be quite convenient especially when you need to carry cables, chargers, and water bottles.


How easy is the backpack to carry and move with around? Do the pockets make it bulky? Is the handle strap adjustable? Can you hang it around your bicycle handles? Does it have stowaway handles that you can draw back if you want to minimize space in the lecture hall? All these are vital when you need an easy to maneuver with backpack for your laptop.


Who Should Use the Laptop Backpack?

Anyone who owns a laptop will find laptop backpacks super ideal. If you love to travel light this bag will also come in handy; you should focus more on the features of the bag visa vie your personal needs.

How Much Money Will the Backpack Cost?

We have a number of super cool models going for under 50 USD and some for over 50USD. However, you should remember that pricey never always mean best. It is important that you focus more on how the laptop will serve your needs.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Laptop Backpack?

That will depend on the frequency of use of the laptop backpack and how faster the material catches dirt/ dust. A material that will take time to get dirty might take a while before they are cleaned. The same applies to a bag that is seldom used to carry the laptop. For someone who needs the best backpack for their laptop, you already have the top reviews to go with; what you need to do now is to determine your budget and choose any of these bags that we have looked at already. At the end of the day, getting the best bag comes down to whatever works for you too. So while you are at it, don’t forget the type of needs that you might have for your personal laptop backpack too.

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